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Zappa is a recurring character in the Guilty Gear series. He is a very unlucky man afflicted by what he thinks is an unknown "disease", but in truth, a number of spirits inhabit his body and can control his body at will.


Zappa is a man of muscular build with brown hair that covers his ears in a style reminiscent of a bobcut. he is seen wearing a thin gold headband with a love-heart attached to it, two golden hoop earrings are seen.

His main attire during his playable appearances comprises of a white, skin-tight shirt with a thick black collar that covers his hands which almost resembles black gloves, a red heart is placed on the chest he also wears golden hoops on his wrists. a tight set of black trousers are covered by beige cargo pants with an orange cloth held up by belts behind it. Zappa's shoes are prominently white and black with an orange heel, the toe/sole are black.

In Vastedge, Zappa's attire is drastically altered.


Zappa appears to be a humble person who seeks companionship, and is rather polite. However, it is due to the spirits that possess his body (mainly S-Ko), he may come off as rather as a motor mouth, or in S-Ko's case, cursing and full of vengeance with little in the way of trusting others, especially men due to her grudge. Zappa is rather oblivious about the spirits in his body, and is often distraught at what harm his symptoms cause him. The spirits, save for S-Ko however, are rather caring of Zappa.




Guilty Gear XX

Ever since his appearance, he is searching for the "Dark Doctor" known as Faust in hopes of curing his condition. He meets Faust in two out of his three endings. In the first one, he meets Faust and is possessed by S-Ko, forcing confrontation. S-Ko loses to Faust. After waking up, Zappa is told to isolate himself until a cure is found. In the second ending, S-Ko confronts Faust as in the first, but wins. In this ending, she gains more control over Zappa, mutating him into, according to the ending photo, something non-human. However, this second ending seems less likely. In the third ending, he does not meet Faust at all. Rather, he meets Ky Kiske, who is a high-ranking police officer. After a fight with I-no, Ky arrives on the scene to arrest I-no and attempt to aid Zappa. However, S-Ko interprets this as yet another threat toward Zappa and proceeds to possess Zappa yet again and attack Ky, taking him by surprise. Despite the fact that S-Ko wins the fight, Ky is still able to arrest and put Zappa in jail on the charges of assaulting a police officer, both still unaware of S-Ko's presence and that this and all of the events leading up to this point are her doing. Raou and the weaker spirits (excluding the sword) then comfort him in the ending photo.

Zappa wakes up in jail and is not sure of what happened to him. Faust appears via one of his interdimensional doors and accidentally invokes S-Ko, who in turn breaks Zappa out of jail and wreaks havoc on the land which ends with two outcomes. In the first outcome, Zappa runs into Faust again, who this time has the proper method of exorcising S-Ko. Zappa enjoys life unpossessed for a short time but reveals that he was in fact aware of S-Ko the entire time and realizes that in their time together, despite all the trouble the possession has brought upon him, he has grown attached to S-Ko and wants her back in his life. The image of S-Ko breaking through Zappa's window and Zappa's horrified face is then shown. In the second outcome, Zappa meets Slayer, a "nightwalker" from another world. Slayer is aware of S-Ko's presence and invites her to come back to his home world with him and his wife, Sharon. S-Ko simply responds with hatred and Slayer then realizes that S-Ko suffers a deep grudge. He allows S-Ko to take out all of her frustration on him in a fight, as he is able to take a great amount of physical damage with no problem. Afterwards, S-Ko agrees to come with Slayer and Sharon on the condition that she is able to take Zappa, who she considers to be her lover, with her. Zappa comes to his senses in Slayer's world, one full of demons like Slayer, and is horrified by the situation he is in. The final shot shows Zappa and S-Ko embracing one another in Slayer's demon world, Zappa in fear and S-Ko in love, whilst Slayer and Sharon look on, content with their new companions.

Guilty Gear Xrd

Zappa assists both Dr. Paradigm and Faust during Story Mode. Though Faust was unable to help Zappa with his possessions, Zappa eventually fashioned the "Zappa Scale" to remedy this problem to an extent, by joining the paranormal and strategic operations under direction of Third King Daryl on Illyria and soon somewhat making peace with his spirits for the time being. There, he befriend with Randy. He reunites with Faust while telling him the good news, however, he soon learned from what Faust is reading has something to do with the true mastermind's plot on using Japanese people besides using Gears for destruction of humanity, which might be the answers how to counteract the mastermind's plot.

In the aftermath, Zappa and his team are invited by Daryl to celebrate. However, the first party was dashed by the loss of the main dessert, a massive pudding made by Alyssa. Days later during Daryl's second invitation, the easygoing night takes a turn for the serious as the group talks about how the pudding collapsed. All except Zappa are at blame for eating incomplete pudding and its destruction, once the evidences are uncovered.

Zappa starts piecing together the evidence, coming to the conclusion that Alyssa summoned a demon to make sure the pudding stayed intact but failed to extend the contract. As a result, anyone who tasted the pudding is being literally blasted into the sky as part of the demon's penalty. Due to tasting it, all members barring Zappa are blasted away.

Guilty Gear -Strive-

With Zappa being able to better understand his capabilities, with him better understanding other spirits and being able to accept them. While she has yet to make an appearance, S-Ko is still obsessed with Zappa.[1]

Zappa alongside Daryl and the rest of the forces are seen in the epilogue celebrating their victory.


Zappa is an unwilling receptacle for several ghosts, demons and even elementals. The one who he is most commonly possessed by is an extremely vengeful female spirit known as S-Ko who, whenever she feels the need for battle has arisen, takes complete control of Zappa and causes several horrifying deformities, such as completely bending his body over backwards for his fighting stance and completely mutilating his head into one of a giant demon with sharp teeth, to occur on Zappa whenever she attacks with him, which explains his non-generic fighting style.

It is unclear if S-Ko is aware that she is likely doing more harm than good for her host by affecting him the way she does and it is also curious to note that there are a few signs that point to S-Ko having a crush on Zappa, despite the fact that she shows great hatred toward men on several occasions. S-Ko's origins are a mystery, but there are several theories that are explored in the series. One such theory, according to the PWAB's files, is that she is a unique Gear that was ignored during the war. Another theory is that she is the result of a failed experiment.

There are also other spirits that consist of the following: An extremely powerful lightning manifestation named Raou, three ghosts of unknown origin who are able to curse others with extremely bad luck and even solidify enough to strike themselves, an enchanted sword that resembles a bloody razor blade and appears to be more like an instrument for S-Ko's own use rather than a self-aware being, and a demonic dog that initially takes on the form of a small chihuahua and grows to the size of a large predator dog in order to strike and can even shoot it's entire skeleton outside of its body for one of its attacks. Unlike S-Ko, the weaker spirits appear to be more like guardians as opposed to possessors in that they are able to attack opponents by themselves as opposed to manipulating Zappa's body in any way and only appear to fight those who would harm Zappa. The other spirits also appear to be quite caring toward Zappa, even attempting to comfort him when he is arrested by Ky at the end of Zappa's canon ending in Guilty Gear XX. While S-Ko is quite a large mystery herself, almost nothing has been revealed about the origins of these lesser spirits.


  • Good Manners and Customs - Guilty Gear XX
  • Seizures - Guilty Gear XX #Reload Korean OST
  • Home Sweet Grave - Guilty Gear Isuka



  • Zappa's character is named after the famous musician Frank Zappa.
  • One of his special moves with Raou, Last Edguy, is named after the German band, Edguy.
  • Zappa's running animation resembles Regan Macneil's crawl on the movie "The Exorcist".
  • Zappa's XX clothing appears to be a strange combination of outfits worn by Narancia, Vanilla Ice, and Dio Brando from JoJo's Bizarre Adventure.
    • Zappa's ghosts hover around him in wraith-like forms, similar to a Stand, and Raoh looks rather similar to Star Platinum.
    • When Zappa is possessed, he twitches wildly and strikes increasingly bizarre poses, perhaps as a reference to Hirohiko Araki's notable artstyle.


  • Characters who have been confirmed to be able to see S-Ko: Anji Mito, Slayer, Faust, Johnny, and A.B.A.
  • Many of Zappa's "unique" phrases he wails during his matches are Japanese tongue-twisters. The reason why he speaks like so is most likely due to all of his spirits all trying to talk at once.
  • In an interview with Famitsu, Ishiwatari has stated that Zappa is still capable of using spirits to fight should be the need arise.[2]
  • Out of all characters, Zappa's "Instant Kill" move is the only move of its category that is unblockable.
  • In his AC character artwork, Zappa appears to have six fingers on his right hand.


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