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The United States of America, also simply called America, is an important nation in the history of the Guilty Gear series, and appears to currently encompass the North and South America continents.[3] Its previous iteration—limited to what the USA is in real life—is referred to as Nation A, and was the birthplace of the living weapons known as Gears.


Following the Dawn of Revival and ban of electronic circuits by the United Nations in 1999,[4] and the deployment of a special ambassador or Apostle to spread the knowledge of magic,[5] Nation A—like other nations—dismantled its "traditional" weapons and technology in 2010. Presumably, allowances of zeal were issued to each household.[4]

In the new age, American researchers wasted no time in studying magic and its possible applications.[6] One such scientific endeavor was the Gear Project, founded in 2014 by Vince MacDonell,[7] which invented the so-called Gear cells thanks to "That Man".[8] Following a successful negotiation[4] in 2015,[9] its research data was turned over to the government for more thorough study. Attracting attention for military use, in 2016 an incident occurred wherein core team members died or disappeared, after which the project was frozen and all related data was classified.[4]

Though it was the world's greatest superpower during the 21st century,[10] the country's military and political influence began to decline,[4] a large gap appearing between the Americas and Europe due to zeal and instroment production belonging to the Vatican.[11] In 2042, the US thus reopened Gear cell research, with an eye for military use,[4] and in 2045, That Man joined under an alias.[7] In 2065, the first combat-ready Gear was completed, and so their mass production and monopoly began. The US deployed their Gears to allies across the globe,[4] and brought "countless lands" under its control.[12]

Having never intended for Gears for be weapons war,[13] That Man created Justice in 2073,[1] a command-type Gear that could command its kin[14] and stop the wars.[13] In 2074, an incident occurred wherein an entity intervened Justice and infected Japan, and That Man was forced to have her fire a Gamma Ray that obliterated the island.[15] Justice's psyche was irreparably damaged, and forgetting her identity,[16] rebelled against the Gears' status as slaves.[12] That Man was branded a war criminal[4] as Justice gathered an army of Gears and declared war on humanity.[12]

The century-long Crusades that followed engulfed the U.S. along with the entire planet.[17] Immediately following the disappearance of Japan, America turned into a battlefield and suffered massive damage.[18] Many cities were left in ruins including New York,[19] with the Statue of Liberty being destroyed.[17] With support from South America, they managed to survive.[18] However, due to their massive casualties during the war, the USA was surpassed by the Ilyria and the Federation of China.[10]

Reconstruction began[10] around 2181 under its 75th president, Erica Bartholomew, who is reponsible for rallying the citizens of the US to help bring their country back from the brink.[20] Though the Assassin's Guild tries to use her as a puppet leader, she is able to secure an alliance with Zepp to prevent it from happening.[21] Although Erica wins her second term with overwhelming support, she is forced to hand off the reins to her vice president, Colin Vernon, due to an illness.[20]


Apparently covering the North and South America continents, the population is of approximately 100 million individuals[3] as of 2187. It appears that unlike the United Kingdoms of Illyria, the nations that encompass the United States of America have retained greater autonomy, such that if foreign aircraft from the US will be shot down if entering a neighboring country's—e.g. Old Mexico's—airspace.[22]

As with the rest of the world, World Dollars are a standardized unit of currency.[23] Education-wise, citizens have 9 years of mandatory education from ages 6 through 15. Their curriculum encourages a wide range of different thoughts and discussions, so while the average education level is high, there are many citizens with varying political views.[24] Subjects includes reading/writing, two languages, Math, Magic Physics, and History.[25]


  • Danny Misiles is a famous hamburger chain from the United States of America.[26]


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