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The United Kingdom of Illyria is an alliance of three kingdoms formed in 2183, the city of Illyria serves as the capital.


After the Crusades, Europe was left with plots of land without a governing body. Except for France and England, there are no other known existing states. Europe also became a melting pot of different cultures, races and religion. To address the problem of disorganization, the United Nations divided Europe into states governed by three kings and joined them together as the Allied Kingdom. Ky Kiske was elected as king, and he was seated at the city of Illyria.

In 2185, Gears detained in Illyria began vanishing. Alarmed, King Ky Kiske sent his men to investigate, and at the same time, he asked for Sol's help. The kingdom was then suddenly attacked by the Vizuel, and the Illyrian army was overwhelmed. The fate of the civilians was unknown; according to an interview, all were either evacuated or killed.

When Sol Badguy and Sin arrived at Illyria, the army and the castle guard were defeated. In the throne room, Ky Kiske was sealed by Raven. Sol then fought Raven and traveled to Ganymede along with Izuna to ask for Dr. Paradigm's help in releasing the king.

After being released, Ky was questioned regarding the attack in Illyria and a Gear being detained in the kingdom. Though reluctant in showing his secret, Ky eventually showed the Maiden of the Grove. Dr. Paradigm concluded that the Gear was the reason for the attack, and decided that she should be destroyed. However, Ky stopped him, and admitted that she was his lover, to everyone's shock. Shortly after, Dr. Paradigm's Gear friends attacked the castle because of Valentine's brainwashing. Ky and Dr. Paradigm were able to hold them off and release them from her control, while Sol and Izuna hurried to rescue Sin.

After the battles, the group returned to Illyria. Ky offered Dr. Paradigm an alliance, promising that they would make history together. The Gear decided to stay in the castle to help in releasing the Maiden from her frozen state. Sin also decided to stay to wait for his mother's awakening.


Illyria is ruled by three kings elected by its citizens. The High King who holds the greatest power and seated on the capital is the former commander of the Holy Knights Ky Kiske. The second king is another hero from the Crusades Leo Whitefang while the third king is named Daryl.