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Sweeps (足払い, Ashi Barai?, lit. Sweeping Leg) are a type of attack move in the Guilty Gear series, common amongst fighting games. It knocks the opponent down by sweeping their legs out from under them.


Sweeps first appeared in Guilty Gear X; in this entry, they can done by pushing Slash + Heavy Slash simultaneously while crouching. Since Guilty Gear XX, however, the command is Down + Dust. If this attack hits the opponent, they will be knocked down, i.e. they cannot bounce back from the attack with a Recovery move.

It is a basic attack, but each character's sweep enables different okizeme and combos. They provide a great alternative to Dust Attacks as they must be guarded against low. For the most part, unlike most sweeps in other flexible-chain-combo fighting games, Sweeps in the series can only be cancelled into Special or Overdrive Attacks, or with a Roman Cancel.


  • Technically, Sweeps date back to the original Guilty Gear, since Sol has a sweep as hidden move that he can do by pressing Right + Heavy Slash.