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Status effects are a recurring gameplay mechanic in the Guilty Gear series. These conditions affect a character's attributes or actions either positively or negatively.


Status effects are rather ephemeral in duration, lasting only few seconds due to the short time frame of most matches, and are negative in nature. They are usually incurred when hit by an opponent's attack. Some positive status effects can be self-inflicted, however, by using Overdrives that offer temporary power-up states—those being Sol's Dragon Install, Dizzy's Necro Install, Justice's Omega Shift, and Millia's Chroming Rose.

In Guilty Gear 2 -Overture-, units (masters, servants, capture units) can be afflicted with status effects by several techniques, skills, and items. An icon will be displayed next to a unit's life gauge to indicate its change in condition. A red arrow pointing upwards means the value is increased, and a downward light-blue arrow means it is decreased.



A Knockdown is a character's downed state that occurs when struck by some attacks. After a character is knocked to the floor, they have a brief vulnerable on-the-ground period, after which they enter a wake-up animation that is fully invincible.


Characters become Unconscious, a state also colloquially called "stun" or "dizzy", and are left temporarily defenseless, unable to perform any actions such as attacking, guarding, or even recovering. It is indicated by angels circling around the dizzied fighter's head.


Since Guilty Gear XX, certain Normal Moves, Special Moves and Overdrive Attacks can put characters in a Stagger or Slip state after a hit, which sends them stumbling backwards, rendering them momentarily helpless to the enemy's attacks.

Wall Stick

Since Λ Core, moves can inflict a Wall Stick state which, as the name indicates, causes a character to get stuck to the wall before sliding down to the ground. The glued character can then be openly attacked, only able to do a Recovery to escape after some time.

Chaos Mode

In the original Guilty Gear, when a character's HP decreases below 50% health, which is signaled by the life gauge turning yellow, the character enters Chaos Mode. In this state, they can perform specific Chaos Moves—called Overdrives in later entries—without using up the Chaos Gauge.


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In the Xrd games, the Hellfire (ヘルファイア, Herufaia?) status occurs when a character has about 20% of their Health Gauge remaining and leaves hitstun or blockstun. The announcer will then proclaim "It's not over yet!", meaning the character has entered this state. In Hellfire, all the character's Overdrives will deal 20% more damage.

Guilty Gear 2

Overture has sixteen different types of status effects. Some provide resistance to attacks with a certain type of attribute, others affect the attack or speed of a unit, others relate to their health, etc.

Positive Bonus

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