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Sol and his tribe.

The following is a list of servants in Sol's Tribe from Guilty Gear 2 -Overture-.


Although the abilities of Sol's servants are inferior to the others and they don't have an initial mobile unit, Sol's fighting skills are great enough to easily cover their disadvantages. There is an inherent resource (リソース, Risōsu?) for Sol's tribe, and by acquiring it, Sol will get even stronger via Dragon Install. The majority of this tribe's options come from its large array of Elite units, but the combination of high costs and low performance make it one of the hardest to use effectively.



Name Class HP Unlock Summon Info
The Drill
GG2 Sol tribe icon 1.png
Melee 520 -- 210 Soldier with stable combat abilities. Obtains resources when it attacks and can be enhanced by Blockhead.
  • AT1 - Melee attack. (Dmg: 41.)
  • AT2 - Melee knockdown attack. (Dmg: 60; hit: 2 units.)
  • Enhanced AT1 - Powered melee attack. (Dmg: 60, 30.)
  • Enhanced AT2 "The Drill" (ザ・ドリル, Za Doriru?) - Knockdown drill attack that releases a flame and damages enemies surrounding the target. (Dmg: 95; hit: 2 units.)
GG2 Sol tribe icon 2.png
Armored 800 -- 420 Obtains resources when it attacks. When enhanced by Blockhead, it releases an offensive barrier.
  • AT1 - Melee attack. (Dmg: 40; hit: 2 units.)
  • Askill - AoE melee knockdown attack. Hits multiple enemies. (Dmg: 70; hit: 3 units; cooldown: 15s.)
  • Enhanced AT2 "Cyclone Laser" (サイクロンレイザー, Saikuron Reizā?) - Sets a barrier that allows it to continue attacking for a fixed amount of time. (Dmg: 20; hit: 3 units.)
Pencil Guy
GG2 Sol tribe icon 3.png
Range 370 200 130 Ranged soldier that specializes in stun attacks. It can knockdown foes when enhanced by Blockhead.
  • AT1 - Normal shot. Has the special ability to continuously drain life if the bullet hits the enemy. (Dmg: 20. Ongoing dmg: 5 per second, duration: 10s.)
  • Askill "Running Wild" (ランニングワイルド, Raningu Wairudo?) - Throws a flash grenade that allows it to escape if an enemy draws near.*(No Ranged attribute.) (Dmg: 15; hit: 5 units; cooldown: 15s.)
  • Enhanced AT2 "Melon Burst" (メロンバスト, Meron Basuto?) - Explodes and damages multiple enemies when the bullet hits.*(No Ranged attribute against Masters.) (Dmg: 15 + 45; hit: 3 units. Ongoing dmg: 5 per second, duration: 10s.)
Fire Wheel
GG2 Sol tribe icon 4.png
Elite Melee 1500 400 340 Melee unit with high mobility and wide-range attacks. Its attacks can knock units unconscious.
  • AT1 - Melee attack. Hits multiple enemies. (Dmg: 50.)
  • AT2 "Vanishing Orchestra" (バニシングオーケストラ, Banishingu Ōkesutora?) - Continuously shoots an attack strong enough to knock out multiple enemies. (Dmg: 65; hit: 3 units.)
  • Askill "Red Out" (レッドアウト, Reddo Auto?) - A strong flame attack that shoots with a wide range. Damages multiple enemies.*(Doesn't have normal effect against Masterghost barriers.) (Dmg: 50 x 5; hit: 5 units; cooldown: 15s.)
GG2 Sol tribe icon 5.png
Elite Mobile 1200 400 300 Due to its special power, it's able to seal the enemy's skill for a limited time. Excels in offense and mobility.
  • AT1 - Melee attack. (Dmg: 36 x 2; hit: 3 units.)
  • AT2 "Vermillion Ray" (バーミリオンレイ, Bāmirion Rei?) - An attack charges and beats down enemies in a straight line of sight. (Dmg: 80; hit: 5 units.)
  • NCskill "Shut Up" (シャットアップ, Shatto Appu?) - Blocks the skills of one enemy master or servant for a limited time.*(Cannot be blocked or avoided) (Duration: 15s (masters), 30s (servants); cooldown: 15s.)
GG2 Sol tribe icon 6.png
Elite Armor 3000 400 480 Decisive weapon outfitted with high-powered attacks and armor. Customizable with Sol's skills.
  • AT1 - Normal attack. (Dmg: 80; hit: 3 units.)
  • Askill "Get Lost" (ゲットロスト, Getto Rosuto?) - Targets up to six enemies. Those hit enter a state of fear and retreat to their camp for a limited time. Only has half the effect on elite servants. Does not affect masters. (Dmg: 50; duration: 12s; cooldown: 25s.)
  • Pskill - Cannot be knocked down.

After being enhanced by Sol's skills (duration: 60s):

  • Melee Mode (メーレーモード, Mērē Mōdo?) - Gains a knockdown attack that hits in all directions. (Dmg: 110; hit: 30 units.)
  • Armor Mode (アーマーモード, Āmā Mōdo?) - Gains a damaging charge attack that dominates ghosts. (Dmg: 50 x 3 +200; hit: 5,3,30 units.)
  • Mobile Mode (レイダーモード, Reidā Mōdo?) - Changes shape and increases mobility.
  • Ranged Mode - Acquires the skill Estimate One (エスティメント・ワン, Esutimento Wan?), the ultimate optical weapon, a ranged attack that damages all enemies in its path. (Dmg: 50 x n.)

GG2 Sol tribe icon 7.png
Elite Magic 700 400 320 Not much on offensive power, but can enhance non-elite soldiers and restore life to you and your allies.
  • AT1 - Scattering shot. (Dmg: 25 x 5.)
  • PCskill "One Down" (ワンダウン, Wan Daun?) - Enhances one of the lower-class servants such as The Drill, Blade, or Pencil Guy. (Cooldown: 15s.)
  • PCskill "Easy Easy" (イージーイージー, Ījī Ījī?) - Gives some of its life and shares it among allies to restore their energy.*(Including Sol.) (Heal: 350 max; cooldown: 15s.)
  • Pskill - Recovers more life from the healing effects of capture units and ghosts.
GG2 Sol tribe icon 8.png
Elite Magic 780 780 120 Dominates ghosts. Possesses high mobility despite being a magic unit, but continually loses life.
  • AT1 "Burning Explosive Power" (バーニングHAKKEI, Bāningu Hakkei?) - Although it has a short range, it packs a punch when capturing ghosts. (Dmg: 43 x 3.)
  • Pskill "Flame Curtain" (フレイムカーテン, Fureimu Kāten?) - An aura that enhaces the defense of surrounding allies.


Name Class HP Unlock Summon Info
GG2 Sol tribe icon 9.png
Mobile 370 -- 120 Minion specialized in confining foes. Explodes after its active time expires and damages multiple foes.
Can be dispelled. Duration: 34s.
  • AT1 - Melee attack. (Dmg: 35.)
  • AT2 "Chili Ball" (チリボール, Chiri Bōru?) - A multidirectional melee attack. Electrocutes and stuns enemies for a limited time. (Dmg: 30 x 6; hit: 5 units.)
  • Askill - Explosion. If defeated by an enmy, it won't explode. (Dmg: 140; hit: 5 units.)


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