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Slayer is a recurring character in the Guilty Gear series. A charming and refined vampiric gentleman, Slayer is an extremely powerful fighter who enjoys "meddling" in others' affairs, often offering advice to the other characters, much to their frustration.


Slayer has the appearance of a middle-aged man, to whom class is quite important. Slayer's attire reflects his refined nature: he wears a white undershirt beneath a rather professional-looking gray suit. The sleeves of his coat bear red-cross shaped emblems, a reference to his vampire nature. Slayer has brown hair, usually slicked to the side, complemented by a short well-kept beard and a thin moustache. He wears a monocle, and is often found smoking a pipe. Over his shoulder is an almost magical red cape, that of which can shape-shift, allow for teleportation and often times it's seen to have a mind of its own. In combat, he uses no weapon, relying on his own physical strength.


Slayer is often portrayed as a character who understands a great deal more than other members of the cast. Having lived much longer, he possesses a strengthened sense of perspective, and as such, he generally remains calm and dignified regardless of the situation in which he finds himself. He also often openly shows his practice in dandyism, an old-fashioned lifestyle of high importance and upmost respect to class. In fact, several of his special moves are named after this practice.

Despite this, he is not without passion. Slayer is a lover of refined things; poetry, romance, and often stops to admire the beauty he sees in the world of Guilty Gear, and in those younger than himself. In combat, his blood boils, and although he is occasionally frustrated by the lack of challenge others are capable of presenting him with, he is ever graceful to those with whom he fights, offering them congratulations for a good performance.

As a result of the sentiment he gained from being in the human realm for so long and his unlikely relationships with various characters, he usually assists them with a warning or a bit of advice, despite how he feels someone of his standing shouldn't be focused on such affairs.

Slayer as a character often fits the ideal image of the classic vampire persona inspired most especially by that of Count Dracula. He acts kind and chivalrous, almost like a mentor to his enemies despite being out to end them, he's always seen in pristine Victorian-era clothing with a red cape over his shoulder while living in an all too familiar European castle; the inspiration drawn from classic vampire stories is obvious.



Slayer founded the Assassin's Guild, but disappeared shortly thereafter. His original intentions, like many notable founders of Assassin's Guilds in fiction, were altruistic. Unfortunately, he finds, upon returning, that his syndicate is far from his original idealistic view of it, and decides to dismantle it. He seems to be connected to Gabriel in some significant way, and seems to know quite a lot about various political affairs, most notably the Post-War Administration Bureau (P.W.A.B). After soon taking notice of his old organization being cast into chaos, a result of Zato-1's absence, Slayer emerges from retirement to "tidy" things up.

Slayer is dedicated to a loving marriage with his loyal wife, Sharon, who appears by his side in several of his poses, as well as his endings, often seen drinking tea or writing and reading with him. She's seen delivering tea and letters to Slayer throughout the series, possibly doubling as a servant on occasion, this of which also extends to being a source of blood for her husband as seen in many of his intros.

Slayer is also a descendant of the well-known vampire Nosferatu, using his vampiric powers to boost unyielding attacks and many ever anticipated blood-sucking techniques, he makes quick work of his mortal foes. Despite being a Romanian or otherwise European fighter, he seems to be quite well-versed in Asian martial arts.

In Night of Knives, Slayer first appears at the party where Millia Rage and Zato arrive on a mission to assassinate the General, who is resting upstairs at the Venue. After Zato leaves Millia alone to mingle and discuss logistics with Venom, Slayer approaches her, and the two begin to lightly converse. Slayer invites Millia out onto the balcony to enjoy the beauty of the night sky, to which she gladly agrees. The two continue to talk, with Slayer making a few accurate reads concerning Millia's current predicament, causing her to note he is very perceptive. The two then toast to the night sky, per Slayer's request. He then comments that he takes great pleasure in observing the wonders of human life, including the eyes of a woman like her. She is flattered but unsure how to react. Slayer goes on to note that her eyes are young, and as she no doubt knows, the young must fight and struggle, and that even though her eyes have lost life, they still possess a radiant beauty. She comments that she is not interested in life, only death, a comment which Slayer finds quite curious and a bit morbid. He assures her that she will find significance and meaning her life, before taking his leave to dance with Sharon.

After Millia succeeds in assassinating the General, Slayer again shows up. She attempts to fight against him, but Slayer succeeds in rendering her unable to fight before commencing to ask her questions out of concern as her Elder. He asks her if she is aware the man she just killed was a good man, and then quotes a bit of pre-text from the original Assassin's Code, outlining its former purpose: To maintain order by taking care of corrupt leaders in the interest of preserving a good social order. She dismisses it as silly, saying that the purpose of the order now is profit and survival. Slayer declares that such an organization which kills only for money and causes pain and sorrow to its own members does not have the right to exist, before leaving her with the question "Are you truly happy with being a murderer?" This question begins to fester within her. Millia is then captured by Leon.

Slayer appears again at the Assassin's Guild head-quarters, where he delivers the news that the Elder founders are not happy with the direction Zato has taken the Guild, and Slayer makes a few rare personal comments on the matter, finding their choice of target and their shady practices "cowardly", and far removed from his original vision for the organization. Zato engages Slayer, but is thoroughly crushed, and Slayer taunts Zato by asking him if he fights for anything important, like Millia. Slayer then leaves, and Zato blacks out.

Slayer then appears and speaks to Millia in her cell, proclaiming that he is concerned for her future. Millia is unsure how to feel about this strange man, as he continues to explain his various concerns to her. He takes out a dagger, an Outrage powerful enough to cut even her hair, and offers to free Millia if it is what she wishes for herself. Millia thinks about the consequences of freedom compared to death, and this time she chooses life, declaring that her fight is not over. Slayer warns her the dangers of continuing to use a forbidden power to fight, and of being thrust back into the world which was cruel to her. Millia says that this time it will be different, the way she lives will be her decision, a critical point in her own personal journey towards freedom from her life as an assassin, and her feelings towards Zato. Slayer cuts the hair binding her to her chains, praises her and encourages her to stand alone, defiant against any difficulties she might face. As she departs, she addresses Slayer as “Fuuga ri na Dandy”/“Dandy Elegance”, a sign of respect for the help he has given her.

Guilty Gear XX

Slayer's Story Mode begins with a visit to Ky Kiske, claiming that it is "customary for the king of the night to ask for permission from the protector of the day before venturing into the sunlight". He has the apparent motive of either observing the cast, or warning them of being targeted by the P.W.A.B. He has three endings: in one, he defeats Eddie, who wanted to possess Sharon. In the second, he faces Venom, and explains that his victory was because of hesitation in Venom's heart. In the third, he defeats I-No, and has a brief conversation with That Man about current events.

Slayer decides to return to retirement, stating he has spent enough time in this world, and would like to leave it to the younger people. He acknowledged that he is becoming sentimental, as he finds it somewhat difficult to leave the world behind, even though he believes he no longer has a place within it. He talks to various members of the playable cast expressing his farewells to them and requesting fights from each of them to remember them by, and once again expresses his concerns for the current state of the Assassin's Guild; unlike his prior encounter with Eddie, Slayer emphasizes with him and plants a thought within him on his current answer to his life that the beast should search for.

Though if he uses his Instant Kill against Sol, he will be rather unsure of leaving the future to people such as him, especially with the P.W.A.B. around. As a result, Slayer decides to take matters into his own hands, stealing documents about a nearby branch from Ky's hands and encountering both Crow and his Justice clone before ridding of it and using his raw power to destroy the branch building to prevent Crow from feeling satisfaction from triggering the self-destruct sequence.

In his first ending, he is shown talking with his wife Sharon after returning to his own world, having trouble coming up with a haiku compared to before. Even then, he seems to enjoy the peace and regardless, he claims to be able to have any of his brethren as opponents to fight whenever he is bored.

Another ending, however, has him convinced by Anji's words from their encounter. Anji questions if retirement is what Slayer truly should seek if his blood still boils for battle. He eventually runs into Baiken and, reinvigorated by the current generation of fighters, starts a new organization solely of fighters alongside the aforementioned Baiken as they spring an attack on the P.W.A.B., claiming that their own drive is stronger than theirs.

Guilty Gear Xrd

Slayer enjoys his retirement until a being from the Backyard showed up and declared war. With this, he feels uneasy. While on the mission, he's one of the three Assassin's Guild members (save for Zato-1) who was ambushed by Bedman. Although he managed to survive with an injury he had from Bedman and warns Chipp, the Jellyfish Pirates and Faust how dangerous Bedman is like he did to Venom and Millia, as Faust got knocked out by Bedman with a single attack. Chipp buys the others some time by holding off Bedman, while Johnny and the other Jellyfish Pirates takes the unconscious Faust, Venom and Millia away from Bedman before he reached the May Ship.

Reconvening at Slayer's destroyed mansion, The Assassins decide that they will avenge their loss and take measures to defeat Bedman. Slayer personally denies Zato-1's information behind the "trick" of Bedman's abilities as his pride won't allow him to take advantage of it, as he feels ashamed for being taken off-guard by Bedman's power.

Guilty Gear -Strive-

Slayer and Sharon are seen having a romantic moment in the epilogue.


Slayer is heavily hinted to be one of the most powerful characters in the world of Guilty Gear, though he is never seen using his full power, as hinted by his story mode interactions with other characters. Slayer, being a vampire, is immortal, and has lived hundreds upon thousands of years. As a vampire, he is also able to suck the blood out of others to heal his injuries, though he finds it rather distasteful. He can even draw out their blood or life force by mere touch, as his EX form reveals. He can regenerate instantly from impalement and regrow a severed limb in seconds. He also possesses telekinetic abilities as seen when he mentally controlled his severed arm to attack Bedman. He is also extremely physically capable, as some of his most powerful in-game moves are simple punches and kicks. Slayer also utilizes a sort of animate, red, cape-style garment that he is usually seen wearing on his shoulder in battle. It is very versatile, as Slayer can voluntarily change its size, and uses it for many different things such as guarding himself (as seen in his aerial block), or for sitting on (as seen in his crouch animation). He is also able to use it as a pair of "wings", or to teleport, though he does not necessarily need the cape for the latter.

In the past, he was able to destroy Zato-1's Dark Space, which is a pocket dimension that allows Zato to create and manipulate shadows, by merely exerting his own aura (which took the form of a demonic crimson shadow) and it is demonstrated that his own ability to control Darkness exceeded that of Zato-1's. He can also project his aura to 'punch' his opponents at long distance as he did when he fought Zato in Night of Knives and Bedman in their rematch in Revelator. Slayer is also, apparently, very, hard to actually defeat, as he is always conscious when "losing" a battle in both Story Mode and actual gameplay, where his knockdown sprite is him lounging on the ground, rather than actually knocked out (albeit rather displeased with himself). Also, when Slayer is almost hit with Dizzy's Instant Kill he makes a "whatever" gesture at the mushroom cloud, clearly unimpressed. 

Most of Slayer's animations involve agile kicks and powerful-yet-flashy punches, along with some hints of martial arts via a shoulder leaning attack, and quick movements. Slayer can also make use of his claws for a variety of attacks as well.

While he is not known for using weapons, Slayer owns a particular dagger, which was used it to cut Millia Rage's hair.


  • Haven't You Got Eyes in Your Head? - Guilty Gear XX
  • The Vampire Saga - Guilty Gear XX ♯Reload Korean OST
  • Riches In Me - Guilty Gear Isuka
  • Jack-a-Dandy - Guilty Gear Xrd
Rivalry themes



  • Slayer is likely named after the Thrash Metal band of the same name "Slayer".
  • Many of Slayer's attacks are named after Queen songs:
    • Two of his Dandy Step followups are called "Under Pressure" and "It's Late".
    • Two of his Overdrives are named "Dead on Time", while the latter named Eien no Tsubasa (Wings of Eternity) is most likely named after "Spread Your Wings".
    • His Instant Kill is named All Dead, named after the song "All Dead, All Dead".
  • One of Slayer's other special moves, "Undertow" is a reference to the eponymous album by progressive metal band Tool.
  • During one of the paths in Baiken's story mode of XX Accent Core Plus, he says the line "You may be right, I may be crazy", which may be a reference to Billy Joel's song "You May Be Right". Though this is only in the localized script as the Japanese dialogue hints to no such thing.
  • His Force Break, Big Bang Upper, is likely named after either the British band known as Big Bang, or the Norwegian rock trio known as Bigbang (with no space in between).
  • In Xrd, Slayer's new Dandy Step followup, Helter Skelter, is a reference to the song of the same name by British band, The Beatles, or these other bands: Edge of Sanity, Skrew, Royal Engineers, Shapeshifters, Siouxsie and the Banshees, Mötley Crüe, Shining, and/or Meat Beat Manifesto.
  • His initial followup from his Dandy Step known as Pile Bunker, is most likely named after the military weapon of the same name.
  • In the English dub of Xrd, Slayer speaks in a manner akin to actor Sean Connery.


  • Unlike other characters in-game, Slayer is not knocked out if he loses. Instead, he simply lays down, looking annoyed. Other characters from many of the Arc's fighting games follow this trend. Such as Rachel Alucard  (another vampire) and Nine the Phantom from the BlazBlue series & Elizabeth and Margaret from the Persona series in Persona 4 Arena and its sequel Persona 4 Arena Ultimax.
    • Additionally, during Dizzy's Instant Kill in Guilty Gear Xrd -Revelator-, Slayer seems to brush off Dizzy's astronomically destructive power. He responds by shrugging, while every other character reacts with terror or shocked awe.
  • According to the GG Codex, Slayer's listed as the last of his race on Earth since vampires began to die off shortly before he founded the Guild or returned to Makai. This is no longer the case as Nagoriyuki is also a confirmed vampire.
  • Slayer has made a guest appearance in the game Code Shifter.


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