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I always knew you were a shitty king!
― Sin to Ky[src]

Sin Kiske is one of the main characters of the Guilty Gear series. He is the son of Ky Kiske and Dizzy, inheriting her Gear blood and great power. A carefree young man, Sin was raised by Sol Badguy, alongside whom he works as a bounty hunter.


Sin, much like his father, is a young man with blue-green eyes and disheveled blonde hair. Unlike Ky, however, Sin is a little bit taller and has much more muscle mass.

His outfit consists of a white jacket with blue and brownish trimming, and a white and blue undershirt held up by a belt. He wears a brown colored eyepatch over his right eye, and a golden cross necklace around his neck. Sin's design also contains white gloves on each of his hands, white trousers with two golden loops hanging from each legging, a blue and black sash around the waist of his trousers, and brown shoes. His gloves and flag say "OATH" while his eyepatch has the phrase "Be a light onto yourself".

In Strive, Sin wears a black tank top with a golden cross on the chest, and long, light blue jeans that have "Idea makes dead" written on the right leg. His jacket is now tied around his waist, together with two black bags with belts hanging off, the phrases "We can go anywhere." (right) and "We can do anything." (left) written on them. His eyepatch is black instead of brown, and on his hands he wears blue wristbands and cloth rings. He also wears white and blue closed sandals. The brand "HEllo ding dong ditch" appears on multiple parts of his design, including his eyepatch, his shoes, his bags, his wristbands and his flag.


Sin has a happy-go-lucky and optimistic disposition, and while he isn't the most well-spoken and can be cocky at times, he has a big heart and tries to improve his shortcomings one at a time. He feels uncomfortable in orderly situations and is not too good at social dispositions. While his personality that doesn't look back on what's done may seem insensitive, his simple and innocent personality can be refreshing.

Sin appears to have a very deep love for his mother, and trusts Sol Badguy (whom he calls "Old man"), looking up to him as a father figure and a mentor. Sin, however, does not seem to get along with his father very well, and would rather call him a "shitty king". Even so, Sin worries about Ky's safety despite claiming otherwise. Sin begins to slowly warm up to his father after seeing him in action, coupled with Ky's apology. It is only after Sin sees Dizzy again, safe and freed from her sealed state, that he finally reconciles with Ky and calls him "Dad".



Sin was born to Dizzy and Ky Kiske circa 2184 A.D. Due to the Gear blood he inherited from Dizzy, Sin developed extremely quickly after his birth. However, Ky was pressured into becoming the First King of Illyria by the United Nations and serve as a puppet king with implied threats to his family. With Ky ruling a nation, Sin's rearing was entrusted to Sol. Under Sol's tutelage, Sin accompanied him across the world in search of bounties, carrying most of their equipment along the way.

As a child, he was kept on a chain by Sol, and always carried his favorite stuffed animal Chimaki with him. At some point during his journey, Sin got a tip from Sol about making a "sugar water".

Young Sin standing next to Ky and Sol

In Sin's Overture short story, Sin asked Sol if he could try wielding the Fireseal, but was denied. When Sin demanded that Sol give him a "cool" weapon, Sol sarcastically tells him to "go wave a flag or something". Ironically, Sin took this literally and procured a War Flag as his primary weapon.

Guilty Gear 2[]

Sin is traveling with Sol when he discovers a wanted poster with Sol's picture on it. As Sol explains that the poster is Ky's way of asking for help, the pair are attacked by the Vizuel. Sin has a binding spell placed on him and is unable to help Sol in the fight until the bind wears off. After the fight, Izuna explains to them the situation and takes them to Illyria where they fight Valentine. When they find Ky in a binding spell, they also meet Raven. After a brief fight between Sol and Raven, Izuna takes Sol to find Dr. Paradigm in order to free Ky. With their return, Ky is freed and Sin has a small argument with him, which Sin ends by exclaiming that he always knew Ky "was a shitty king" as he runs out in a tantrum. To blow off some steam, Sin starts a fight with the Vizuel, but is eventually overpowered by Valentine. After extracting "The Key" from Sin, she also brainwashes him to fight Sol. Once Sol knocks sense back into him, the group chases after Valentine, only to be confronted by thousands of Vizuel.

A few moments later, Dr. Paradigm and Ky, along with the Knights of Illyria, show up as the group prepares to fight the Vizuel. Sol leaves Sin with Ky to fight the Vizuel, while the rest of the group goes on after Valentine. Sin explains to Ky that he doesn't care what happens to him, but he will protect him for his mother's sake. The father and son pair lay waste to the Vizuel alongside the Knights. Ky tells Sin to go on ahead and help Sol while he finishes the fight with the Vizuel. Sin shows up at the last moment to help Paradigm and Izuna fight off Valentine in her new form, while Sol attempts to stop the Cube from opening. They succeed in holding off Valentine, but she transforms again. Sol tells the group to leave while he fights her alone. Sin refuses, but is knocked through the gate by Dr. Paradigm. In the aftermath, once Sol returns, Sin decides to stay in Illyria until his mother is freed from the time freeze placed on her. He also wishes to spend time with his father and mend the rift between them.

Guilty Gear Vastedge[]

When Sol and Sin plan to raid Harden Fort to retrieve the Sacred Treasure, Flashing Tooth, a one billion World Dollar bounty is issued by the Conclave. They are then accosted by several Bounty Hunters and mercenaries, including the Conclave's elite soldiers and their Gear Beasts. They later encounter Bardias, one of the four members of the Conclave, and defeat him.

Guilty Gear Xrd[]

Sin continues to follow Sol, carrying most of the extra luggage. With Ramlethal finally captured thanks to Leo's efforts, Sin is tasked with watching over Ramlethal before she escapes and attempts to destroy humanity once more. With the help of Elphelt, Sin manages to get Ramlethal to open up and show just a bit of her true emotions. Despite Sol's warnings of Elphelt's betrayal and Justice's revival, Sin's belief in his new allies remained steadfast.

After a failed ambush on the Cradle, That Man is subsequently captured by Bedman. The failure finally sparks Ramlethal to speak: the group will use St. Elmo's Fire and Illyria Castle to awaken Justice. During the evacuation, Ky and Sin are able to see Dizzy (who was unsealed while they were gone) once again, and Sin is finally able to call Ky "Dad". Leo, Sin and Ky defend the control room from the Opus while Dizzy overloads Justice and Sol removes Chronus. Validating Sol's distrust and much to Sin's disbelief, Elphelt's programming activates and she reveals her true mission was to infiltrate the group and reactivate Justice. After a fight with Sol, Elphelt ends up being sent back to the Backyard, despite her wishes.

He spends much of this time looking after and checking up on Ramlethal, who is uneasy about Elphelt's current state. He attempts to help Ramlethal's transition into civilization by explaining how he made friends when he was younger; when he was picked on by bullies, his caretaker Sol beat him up, telling him to cease complaining before beating up his bullies. Everyone was able to laugh it off in the end, and they all became closer, especially Sin and Sol.

When Leo Whitefang and his subordinates pick up a signal potentially leading to Elphelt, Paradigm is led to believe that the signal is a trap. Sin stops Ramlethal from going alone to investigate; the two are then assigned a task force of soldiers. The mission is a failure right from the get-go, and Sin and the task force escape unharmed; Ramlethal, however, is inevitably caught in a massive Gear explosion, only giving her time to tell Sin that she only wished to be happy with him and Elphelt before seemingly being obliterated. When Sin learns of her fate, he isolates himself from the others and spends time alone.

Sin isn't seen again until he joins his father and their coalition on Johnny's ship, which is headed for the Backyard. He ponders out loud whether Sol is related to his mother at all, but Sol interrupts both him and Jack-O, stating that he'd rather not have any weird feelings; in spite of this, he brings Ky to the horrifying realization that Sol is actually Ky's father-in-law, leaving the two of them in a hysterical yelling match which is simply dismissed as "shootin' the shit". Not long after, they arrive, and Sin, Ky and Sol are immediately locked in battle with the Sanctus Maximus. Some of Sin's power becomes unlocked after he is enraged at her for ridiculing Ramlethal's shortcomings, but even then, it is not enough to directly defeat her; instead, he assists Sol in baiting her straight into the beam of a ship piloted by the Third King Daryl, who had intended to fire it at Justice instead. Sin is last seen looking on as Sol appears to be caught in another beam, but is saved by Axl.

In the aftermath, Sin, his parents, Ramlethal and Elphelt are at Kiske Manor, resting after the crisis. While being asked by Dizzy if he wants tea, Sin replies that he wants "sugar water", citing a tip he got from Sol, and both Ky and Dizzy become entirely displeased at Sol's parenting.

Before they can say anything, Elphelt and Ramlethal soon join them, and lament that they won't be able to stay. Ky says the manor won't be theirs for much longer as he intends to reveal his marriage to Dizzy to the public. Sin asks his mother if she is okay with that; Dizzy says she doesn't care where she lives as long as she is with Sin and Ky. Elphelt, however, brings them good news: Dizzy's part in defending Illyria has given her public reputation as a hope bringer. Thus, all five of them might be able to stay together as a family. Sin, however, wonders where Sol falls in all this of this, and Dizzy wonders if she should call him "Father".

Guilty Gear -Strive-[]

As his father and grandparents wage a fierce battle against the real That Man in the White House, Sin, along with Ramlethal and another Illyrian soldier come to Baiken's aid in order to stop the disaster accidentally caused by Delilah's desire for revenge. But in the process they are ambushed by Bedman, whose soul still remains within his High Density Reinforced Bed Frame, but are saved by May, April and Faust, who are inside the May Ship II.

Inside, and after receiving a report from Anji Mito about the current situation, Sin tells Baiken that Sol and Ky can help her avenge her child. Confused, Baiken asks what he means by that, to which Sin proceeds to explain where babies are born from, leaving everyone stunned and gaping as he mentions that the eye Ky gave Dizzy didn't fit into her temporarily-missing eye hole and became him, to which Baiken tells him "You're in for a shock when you learn the whole story", but Sin claims not to be an easy target when it comes to trauma.

Soon after, Delilah's energy sphere begins absorbing everything around her, including the May Ship II. Miraculously and on cue, Sin arrives with a herd of Gears on loan from Dr. Paradigm to stop the disaster, finally prompting both May and Faust to save the townspeople at the cost of Faust's life.

When the battle between Sol & co. against Goddess I-No ends, Sin and his family enjoy a moment of peace after the victory of Ky and Sol against I-No and Happy Chaos.

He currently lives peacefully with Ky and Dizzy while helping those around him.


Sin is specialized in lightning magic, much like his father, though it is stated that this magic is more derived from his mother (who can also manipulate lightning magic) than his father, and has a unique black-red coloration. In terms of weaponry, Sin uses a war flag in battle, which he wields like a makeshift polearm. Most of his weapon tactics and survival skills were taught to him by Sol Badguy. He is also capable of using low-level summons, having a tribe of his own.

Courtesy of his nature as a Gear, Sin possess enhanced regeneration and magical capabilities. He has a great deal of potential, as stated by other characters; however, Sin wears an eyepatch over his right eye as a seal to contain such immense powers. Removing it causes Sin and others to witness a nightmarish visage and causes his power to go awry, usually as an enormous explosion of black lightning (similar to Dizzy's Wings of Light). Like his mother, his power is heavily dependent on his emotional state.

In terms of basic skills such as reading and education, Sin's upbringing is rather poor, as Sol (who is also infamous for doing everything half-heartedly) focused on teaching him survival for the most part. In Overture he is able to read, but slowly, while by Rev 2 he is still learning his multiples of 7 and has yet to learn how to do divisions.

In the Xrd series, Sin has an "Appetite Calorie System" that lets him perform multi-input moves with a number of various Super Cancels into Overdrives. However, the Appetite Calorie System has a calorie gauge that can be refilled via a special move. If the Appetite Calorie Gauge is used up, Sin will get hungry losing his usage of special moves, making him immobile for a moment, and must eat food to refill it through various amounts. This requires that players be more strategic with Sin, and keep an eye when using gauge-spending moves.

In Strive, his Calorie Gauge is replaced by 3 bars of "Stamina" that get used up after performing his special moves' follow-ups. Once it is empty, unlike in Xrd, special moves can still be performed, with only their follow-ups becoming unusable.


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  • The word sin means "son" in many Slavic languages, perhaps alluding to him being Ky's son.
  • Sin and That Man share the same English voice actor, Yuri Lowenthal, in Guilty Gear 2 -Overture-. Later, Lowenthal would also provide the voice for Bedman in Guilty Gear Xrd -Sign-.
  • Sin has made guest appearances in the following games: Crusaders Quest, Chain Chronicle 3, Last Period, and Code Shifter.


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