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Guilty Gear -Strive- Starter Guide -10 - Ramlethal

Ramlethal Valentine is a recurring playable character who first appeared in Guilty Gear Xrd -Sign-.



In the Xrd games, Ramlethal's gameplan involves the use of her greatswords and sequenced normal attacks. Regarding her swords, Ramlethal can fight with them equipped, using her Slash and Heavy Slash normal attacks, or by setting them up to attack separately. This allows her to control space in neutral or force opponents to guard after a knockdown. Wherever they are set, the sword will rest on the background until Ramlethal attempts to swing it; during its startup and recovery, it becomes vulnerable, and will be knocked down for a short time if hit. When a sword is detached, it cannot be used for her normals until she recalls it manually or, in Rev 2 uses her Marteli and Forpeli special moves. The speed of her sword attacks is variable: they are slower when a sword is first set, and faster if her opponent is already in range of a set sword.

Ramlethal's sequenced normal attacks use her the buttons Punch and Kick and work like attack strings, changing when used in specific pattern. These chains are essential to Ramlethal's combo, pressure, and mixup game. Most of her hits can confirm to a combo that will carry her opponent halfway across the screen. However, she has poor defensive options and is limited without her swords.

In Strive her gameplan is changed, making her a mid-range characters that make almost no compromises on pressure, and excels at controlling the screen with huge swings and projectiles. With no unique movement options and with some of the slowest moves in the game, she has an wide reach and poking range. At her disposal is Bajoneto, her only projectile move and full-screen option, which unequips her swords for a set period of time, forcing her to pick them up or wait. In the corner, the swords explode upon coming into contact with the wall and deal more damage. Her special moves are affected differently based on whether one or two swords are equipped.



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