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My name is Ramlethal Valentine. With this, I declare war on all the world... All those unworthy to stand upon it will be destroyed. The future of humanity... is the past.

Ramlethal Valentine, Guilty Gear Xrd -Sign-

Ramlethal Valentine, also spelled as Ramletherl, is a major character in the Guilty Gear series. A servant of the Universal Will and Elphelt Valentine's older sister, and successor to the first-generation Valentine, Ramlethal's objective is the destruction of humanity. She is accompanied by Lucifero, split into white and black halves, who carries katana-styled greatswords on her behalf.


Ramlethal has a dark-skinned complexion, white hair, and golden eyes with bronze highlights. Her outfit in battle is comprised of a black and white cap styled after a pair of animal ears, and a large white cape with shoulder pads and holes for her arms to pass through. This cape seems to possess an organic nature: the underside is flesh-like, and its edge possesses retractable saw-like teeth. Underneath the cape, she wears the minimum article of clothing, which comprises of white shorts, a broad white strap with round buckle worn as a tube top, and smaller versions of the aforementioned straps on her thighs and arms.

In Strive, her attire has been altered slightly from the Xrd games. While her shorts are unchanged, she now wears a sleeveless, black and neon green shirt below a white, double-breasted waistcoat that only shows her midriff. She also wears a brand new cap with shortened ears. Continuing from the incident at Scandiva, she wears wraps on her arm and leg, which are now dark red.

Ramlethal has a secondary outfit, in which she wears a blouse with puffy sleeves with ribbons on her collar and lower back, a short folded skirt, and her white straps on her thighs with no footwear. The ensemble is dark gray, dark green, and white in color.


As a Valentine, Ramlethal is devoid of emotions, having no conscience of her own. She doesn't grasp the concepts of right or wrong, like or dislike,[3] and is unable to place any kind of value on anything other than her assigned target.[11] She views the orders of her "Mother" as absolute, having a machine-like determination to see her mission completed.[3] Unquestioning of her mother's directives, she views herself as a obedient "tool" to be used to achieve a goal,[12] and believes herself to be disposable once she achieves her mission.[1]

But like other Backyard life-forms, she inevitably starts learning emotions as she goes along.[13] Ramlethal begins to become "unstable", showing confusion at Elphelt's rebellion,[12] pride as a tool for her mother,[1] and fondness for her magehound.[14] Since tools don't need emotions, she denies having them,[1] for her mother "only loves useful tools",[14] which Sin interpreted as her being afraid of being abandoned if she didn't act like an emotionless machine.[15] Yet, Ramlethal starts wondering about concepts like friendship, being "unique", others' motivations,[14] what it feels to like someone,[16] and happiness.[17]

Her interactions with others lead Ramlethal to conclude that she nor Elphelt are tools, that emotions are important, and that her sister and Sin are "unique" to her.[9] Even so, Ramlethal emotes little—having deadpan reactions to either pain or the antics of others—, and remains a rather quiet person.[18] Nevertheless, she is bothered by others being treated coldly as "dolls", or tools.[19]



Illustration with Elphelt.

Presumably in 2186, Ramlethal was created by the Universal Will within the Backyard as a successor to the previous Valentine who orchestrated the Baptisma 13 incident. Emotionless like her predecessor, Ramlethal was programmed to help activate the Cradle no matter what,[1] so that the Conclave could transport and "resurrect" Justice by harnessing the energies from St. Elmo's Fire.[16]

Unbeknownst to Ramlethal, she was, in fact, a "failure".[20] For that reason, six months later, her younger "twin" sister Elphelt was created, successfully programmed with emotions to infiltrate human society. Both carried on with their shared mission until Elphelt "awakened" at her wedding, and rebelled by trying to warn others.[1] As it was her mother's idea, Ramlethal did not ask about Elphelt's "betrayal", and continued to collaborate with the Conclave as planned.[12]

Guilty Gear Xrd

On October 21, 2187, after one last meeting with the Conclave to confirm their convictions,[12] Ramlethal travels to Japan and issues a declaration of war on the world.[21] Seven days later, a number of people confront Ramlethal: Potemkin;[22] Zato-ONE;[23] then Chipp Zanuff[24] and May, whom Ramlethal calls a "disease";[25] and finally, Sol Badguy,[26] Ky Kiske[27] and his son Sin. However, she is only a distraction, and the Cradle activates over Babylon. Ramlethal then attempts to self-destruct to kill Sol, but Elphelt intervenes and stops her via their restraints.[12]

Spending time together.

Ramlethal is taken into custody aboard the Royal Fleet One by Ky,[12] who has her weapons confiscated. The next day, she tries to destroy the ship, but Elphelt stops her again. Her purpose fulfilled, Ramlethal refuses to answer their questions and says they can kill her if they want.[1] Sin, heeding Elphelt's belief that Ramlethal may have emotions, decides to "interrogate" her, hoping to make her laugh. He also gives her a magehound that likes to bite her finger.[6] Later on, Elphelt joins them and they spend the day together, and Ramlethal takes a liking to Danny Missiles burgers.[15]

While the ship is in Zepp, Ramlethal's dream is visited by Bedman, who is to dispose of her per her mother's orders. She agrees but asks to take the dog with her, and Bedman realizes she is beginning to develop emotions. Ramlethal wakes up due to Sin, only for Bedman to teleport in and kill the magehound. He replaces it with one that doesn't bite her finger, making Ramlethal realize that she is "unique", and teleports away.[14] Ramlethal and Elphelt later discuss what it feels to like someone, which Elphelt thinks is like wanting to see that person smile. Ramlethal thus decides to tell them about St. Elmo's Fire.[16]

On November 4, Elphelt and Justice are abducted, but Ramlethal affirms to her sister that they aren't tools and promises to save her.[9] Five days later while staying at Illyria Castle, Raven asks Sol to help him capture Jack-O' and Ramlethal decides to accompany him and Sin. Raven looks down on her as mere "doll", but when they find Jack-O' on November 17, Ramlethal is bothered by his cold treatment of Jack-O', which makes Raven hesitate.[19]

The next day, Ramlethal is restless and tells Sin that for her reflection in the window to smile, she needs Elphelt. Sol, somewhat drunk, destroys the window and tells her she can't define happiness with a single piece of glass, and takes Ramlethal and Sin to eat burgers.[17] Soon, the Illyrian operators find Elphelt's ID at Scandiva. Despite knowing it is a trap, Ramlethal and Sin volunteer to go, and Leo Whitefang allows them.[28]

While she is scanning the center of town, an antimatter Gear appears close to her. As she retreats, she notices a small girl crying nearby; taking the girl in her arms, Ramlethal's path is then blocked by a Phalanx soldier. She summons Lucifero to take the girl to safety, but she herself is unable to escape since the Gear has already contracted. She calls Sin via comm and says goodbye.[20] The remains of her left arm and leg make everyone think she is dead, including Ariels,[20] but in truth she was saved at the last moment by Raven. The two appear at the Celestial Altar to assist in the merge between Jack-O' and Justice, with Ramlethal helping stabilize Justice's position so that Sol can fight Ariels. Ultimately, Elphelt is freed, and Ramlethal hugs her in their reunion.[8]

In the aftermath, Ky and Dizzy invite Sin, Ramlethal and Elphelt to rest at their estate. Though Ky doesn't know if they all will be able to stay due to planning to reveal his marriage to the public until Elphelt brings a good news about Dizzy's reputation, the Kiskes affirm that the two sisters are family, with Ramlethal wondering if they should call Sol "father", and Elphelt settling on Sol being their "brother" of sorts during the conversation.[18]

Guilty Gear -Strive-

Ramlethal and her family, alongside Testament appears in the epilogue enjoying a moment of peace after the victory of Ky and Sol against I-No and Happy Chaos. Ramlethal also has become a Special Brigade Commander in Illyria's military.[29]


As designed by her "Mother", Ramlethal has been given "extraordinary power and knowledge", as stated by Slayer. Powerful from the onset, it appears that gaining a drive beyond her Mother's orders has made her even stronger.[19] Still, both Ky and Sol have observed that she relies too much on power in victory quotes.

Rather proficient in hand-to-hand combat, Ramlethal can fight barehanded with kicks and scratches, generate slashing claws or a barrier made of energy, and manipulate her organic cloak for offensive attacks. Her main attacks, however, involve the use of two greatswords that she can summon or dismiss at will, and which she can position to fire a beam of energy, or further extend their range with blades made of green light. These massive swords are carried by two balloon-styled familiars, the white "Venus"[30] and the black "Velva",[31] which can combine with each other to form Lucifero, and can thus move independently from Ramlethal.

As a Valentine artificial life-form, Ramlethal may look human, but isn't,[1] and possesses "control restraints", the same as Elphelt's,[12] as well as a self-destruct ability.[26] Via these restraints, Ramlethal can prevent her sister from using her powers, and viceversa.[1]



Ramlethal's quotes reflect her lack of familiarity at expressing emotions, barely reacting at others' attacks. She has also perhaps the most change in interpersonal intro quotes with other characters, reflecting her changing of sides.



  • Of the three known Valentines created by the Universal Will, Ramlethal is the only one who has yet to reveal a secondary form, and the one who least resembles Aria Hale.
  • In Revelator, Ramlethal dons a more calm, less maniac expression during her victory pose as opposed to her slasher smile seen in Sign.
  • Ramlethal's attacks are named using the constructed language, Esperanto. This language is also used for the first few verses of her Strive theme "Necessary Discrepancy".
  • For some reason, whenever Ramlethal is defeated in a match and laying on her back, the latter's eyes remain open, while in victory screens, her eyes are shut. It is unknown if this is an error on her character model, or if it implies she is stronger than she lets on.
  • Ramlethal's outfit in Strive has several phrases written on it:
    • On her feet, "What is Left. When you lose all your Rights" (left), "What is Right. When all that is Left is Wrong." (right),
    • On her cloak, "Right there is where i'm Left" (back side), "Just Left of Wherever. Here i Reign" (left side), "Far east of Elsewhere. There you Remain." (right side), "Here in the Middle of Nowhere. I shall be Slain" (teeth).
  • A costume based on Ramlethal's Xrd look, for Lisa Hamilton, appears in Dead or Alive 5 Last Round.
  • Ramlethal has made guest appearances in the following games: Mabinogi Duel, Fantasy War Tactics, Brave Frontier, Seven Knights, Crusaders Quest, Last Period, Elemental Battle, Code Shifter, Counter:Side, Tales of the Rays, and The King of Fighters All Star.


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