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The Post-War Administration Bureau, shortened to P.W.A.B., is a secret society in the Guilty Gear franchise. As their name indicates, the group was originally founded in order to manage affairs in the aftermath of the Crusades, yet when the war ended, their influence proved unnecessary, and they retreated to the shadows, becoming much more involved with underground activity.



The Bureau was founded to help war veterans reintegrate into society. The Bureau has close ties to the Assassin's Guild, due to Mining's inspiration being the Assassin's Guild's fall from its once noble purpose to a den of killers-for-hire, and an encounter with Zato-1 causing Mining to fund part of the Guild's operation.

While the Bureau has altruistic goals on the surface, they're also under control of the Conclave, and thus a part of their grand conspiracy, though how much of their actions are to further the Conclave's goals and how much are for their own personal agenda is nebulous. They are greatly interested in weapons development, with extensive research into various kinds of magics, supernatural beings, and biological weapons (Gears) occupying much of the organization's efforts. After the death of Justice, they began to investigate the Gears, and the powerful warriors who participated in the recruiting tournaments. The bureau possesses advanced technology and is known to conduct experiments involving biological reconstructions, such as Gears and Forbidden Beasts. Some of their members seem to be capable of using magic as well. They are the organization responsible for transforming Testament into a Gear, assigning the Forbidden beast Eddie to Zato-1, and the creator of the Robo-Ky series of weapons.

Following the defeat of the Conclave and the events of Guilty Gear Xrd Rev 2, Millia Rage becomes the new director of the organization, bringing about a new era of cooperation with the Illyrian government, essentially acting as its intelligence agency.


The P.W.A.B. keeps records of anything that might be even remotely of interest. In case of persons of interest—namely the playable cast—, they use a sophisticated system to assign a letter-based threat level to them.[1] In-game, these reports appear, in most versions of Guilty Gear XX, as an introduction to each character's Story Mode. The organization values many of them as possible research specimens, issuing their capture in order to analyze their genetic material, magic abilities, fighting style, etc.

In Guilty Gear -Strive-, as director of the P.W.A.B., Millia performs a Risk Rating assessment of her opponent as one of her win poses.


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