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Paracelsus is a character in the Guilty Gear series. A giant living demon-axe, he is A.B.A's friend, fighting partner and reluctant spouse. His true name is Flament Nagel (フラメントナーゲル, Furamento Nāgeru?).


Normally, Paracelsus resembles a golden key, a form he took on to match A.B.A's obsession with keys. He has a circular shaped head with 2 flaps on each side of the head. He has two large, circular white eyes and black dots for irises. Grooves below his eyes resemble deep eyebags. His nostrils are visible. His mouth contains rows of teeth (either all normal or all sharp) and a tongue, though they don't always show. Despite being sewn together with three crosses of white string, Paracelsus has no trouble opening his mouth. On the other end of him is a bit of a key with a sharpened edge covered in blood and a cross shape cut from it, similar to the keys worn by A.B.A and through her head.

In Isuka and XX, Paracelsus' handle is bare except for the base of his head, which has a chain dangling from it that A.B.A drags him by. His Moroha mode changes his head to goat's skull mounted on a hexagonal or coffin like shape, possibly part of his original battle axe form. When entering Goku Moroha mode via Altercation, veins of energy can be briefly seen.

In Strive, Paracelsus gains a leather handle cover, with one end matching A.B.A's skirt trim, and the base of his head no longer has the chain. Instead, on both ends of the cover are belts attached to each other by a black and yellow strap embroidered with the name "HOHENHEIM". In A.B.A's Jealous Rage mode, his head turns into an amorphous black goo trying to stay in his circular key head form. When idling, his mouth is agape, showing crooked teeth, and his eyes bulge out unevenly. Paracelsus has full control over this goo, such as in Judgement and Sentiment, where he turns his head into a meat tenderizing hammer's head. Additionally, his key bit end reverts back into a damaged battle axe, though with the cross shape still cut from it. In The Law is Key, Key is King, Paracelsus's goo form envelops the battle axe side and turns into a blood red hybrid of axe and demon, with a jaw of long, sharp teeth and slitted goat eyes appearing where the blade was.


Paracelsus has two personalities, one for each of his forms. In his common state, he is silent and doesn't show any signs of evil. He also refuses to have a body of his own, such behavior being most noticeable in one of his quotes (Flesh... I have no need for such a thing.), along with being rather humble and trying to dispel most of A.B.A's assumptions in many social situations. He will occasionally become morose when thinking back on his "glory days" as the Sanguine Gale and expressed embarrassment when Slayer saw him in his current state, but he is ultimately content with his new life, though he would not readily admit it.

In his awakened form, he names himself as a "fighting spirit", and shows numerous types of violence. After consuming blood, he awakens and gains a desire for even more blood, claiming the nearest strongest person as his master. During the Crusades, he would brainwash his wielders to fight for bloodshed, with no regard for friend or foe, until they died. Even then, there are times this side of him will awaken to warn A.B.A of impending danger.


Paracelsus is a living demon-axe weapon originally named "Flament Nagel". It originally appeared as a lone violent beast, wandering the no-man's land ruins left in the wake of the Crusades. Slayer, who was wandering around the ruins as well, came across Flament Nagel and the two fought. At first, it appeared the beast was unbeatable, until Slayer discovered its secret. The body was in fact, a vessel, and inside was a strange, sentient, ancient artifact. After Slayer defeated the relic, he left it to its fate.

Eventually, the flask alchemist Paracelsus came across the relic on the ground, and brought it back to his laboratory. After Paracelsus created A.B.A, and from there taken away by the military, A.B.A awoke within Frasco, and eventually came across Flament Nagel, and she took him as her weapon and friend, renaming the relic "Paracelsus" in honor of her creator. At least 25 years later, when Paracelsus meets Slayer again, he refers to him as a friend. Bloodstains on the edge of the blade show that he was used as weapon before. A.B.A later began to refer to Paracelsus as her husband, and has been trying to find a way to convert his body into a human's, and in one of her non-canon endings, succeeds in doing this, by bringing Paracelsus to the Post-War Administration Bureau.


Paracelsus has the innate ability to absorb blood into himself to build his power. He could also use Wind magic and channel it into vacuum blades of air to eviscerate his foes from a distance. When paired with A.B.A, he can also use alchemy to utilize Fire and Lightning Magic.

Paracelsus cannot fight or move on his own, though he is useful as a weapon. His heavy weight causes A.B.A to move really slow, as it is hard for her to lift him. However, being this heavy, A.B.A's standing Heavy Slash deals a good amount of damage, as he is normally wielded as an axe or a large club. He can be awakened one of two ways. The first one is to feed him a blood pack, which A.B.A is limited to only three per round. The other way is to feed him with her enemy's blood. In his awakened form, he becomes quite easy to carry and run with, likely due to infusing his wielder with strength. A.B.A's combo possibilities and damage output increase as well, though at the cost of rapidly draining vitality in order to fuel his enhanced state before returning to normal by ejecting the blood through various means (one of which can involve Paracelsus spitting the blood back out).

Moroha Form has a further upgrade by using one bloodpack and 50% of the meter, called Goku Moroha. While it decreases some of the damage output, it gives A.B.A larger time frames for Roman Cancels and allows most of her moves to be jump canceled.


  • He seems to be named after Paracelsus, a Renaissance-era alchemist who is well-known for his contributions to the field of medicine.
    • In Guilty Gear -Strive-, the strap replacing his chain is embroidered with the name "HOHENHEIM", the alchemist's last name.


  • Paracelsus' voice actor, Toshimichi Mori, is the producer and designer of the Blazblue series.
    • In addition, the character himself makes a cameo in BlazBlue Radio as Mori's chibi avatar when he appears as a guest on the show. This chibi version of Paracelsus sports sunglasses, a reference to how Mori himself is almost never seen without a pair on when in person.