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The Outrage is an extremely powerful amplification device meant to channel and magnify magic energy. Designed as an anti-Gear weapon, it was created in 2073 by Frederick Bulsara in retaliation against the Gear Project and the imminent creation of Justice. The other version of it in the Guilty Gear Xrd games is the Junkyard Dog, which he designed as a "simple" version of the Outrage, although weaker than the original latter due to having two Sacred Treasures, being designed in its incomplete construction. Until Strive, the Junkyard Dog was modified or returned once again into its (somewhat) complete version, renamed once more as Outrage MK. II.


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The Outrage is a superweapon intended to be used in concert with the Saint Oratorio, allowing for the transportation of this high-energy spell. It was designed to amplify magic and optimize spell casting—which would improve the wielder's effectiveness in combat—, as well as reduce the chance of magic misfiring. As Frederick developed the Outrage, however, he realized that the power it contained was too much for any human to wield, and not even himself could handle it.

He thus split it up into eight components, which came to be known as the Sacred Treasures (神器, Jinki?). According to Guilty Gear Complete Bible, the original forms of the Sacred Treasures when inactive resemble spheres of mana and can alter their form to accommodate the users' preference.[source needed] Each one is a source of tremendous power, but normal humans are unable to tap into it. Only those with a strong affinity for magic can truly harness the treasures' power. These individual weapons saw battle during the Crusades.


The known parts of the Outrage are the following:

  • Fireseal (封炎剣, Fūenken?) - Produces and amplifies fire magic. Used by Sol Badguy.
  • Thunderseal (封雷剣, Fūraiken?) - Produces and amplifies lightning magic. Used by Ky Kiske.
  • Zessen (絶扇, Zessen?) - Produces and amplifies wind magic. Used by Anji Mito.
  • Flashing Fang (閃牙, Senga?) - Produces and amplifies light magic. Used by Sol Badguy.
  • Dominator (益篤, Ekitoku?) - Unknown traits. In the possession of the Conclave.
  • Baikal (湖上白, Kojōhaku?) - Unknown traits. In the possession of the Conclave.
  • Two unnamed weapons.



  • It is suspected that each Treasure is a representative or sub-representative of the five element configuration of magic (Fire, Lightning, Water, Wind, and Ki).
  • The exact relationship between the Outrage and Gears is uncertain, but the Outrage symbol has appeared on Gear-incubating tanks in several illustrations. Half-Gear Dizzy has the Outrage symbol in her magic rings, together with the Gear mark and her name.
  • In the Guilty Gear Xtra, Tyr's awakening caused a resonance in Thunderseal, Fireseal and Zessen. Justice's armor is said to be based on the Outrage, though it is of That Man's design.