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Offense is the act of directly attacking the opponent, forcing them to block. All characters possess universal attack moves in addition to their unique Special Attacks, Overdrive Attacks, Force Breaks, and Instant Kills. They do not appear in command lists in-game, and generally do not require Tension to be performed.


There are five basic Normal Attacks that can be used to damage the enemy. Like all fighting games, these and more advanced commands can be used in sequence as a "combo" for a cohesive series of hits. At a basic level, hitting an opponent's hurtbox will cause damage. However, a number of factors will determine whether an attack is effective or not.

Attacks come in three broad categories—strikes, projectiles, throws—that define how they interact with other attacks; generally, attacks of the same category will clash. "Strikes" are the most common and are basically any standard, blockable attack. "Projectiles" become entities independent of the attacker, like Ky's Stun Edge. Each projectile has a durability level: When two projectiles of equal level clash, each will lose one hit (i.e. a 3-hit projectile becomes a 2-hit one, a 1-hit projectile disappears), while higher level projectiles will nullify lower level ones without losing any hits. "Throws" are short-ranged unblockable attacks. Some attacks are invulnerable (or invincible) only to certain types.

Since Guilty Gear X, a Counter Hit (カウンターヒット, Kauntā Hitto?) occurs when hitting an opponent out of their move, signalled by a "Counter!" on screen. They increase hitstun or cause special effects such as wall bounces or ground slides. In general, the higher Attack Level, the more additional off-balance time is inflicted. Hitting an opponent when their R.I.S.C. Level is flashing will be a guaranteed Counter Hit. Counters do not inflict additional bonus damage, but they usually enable stronger combos.

Clashes (相殺, Sōsai?) happen when two opposing hitboxes touch each other while avoiding each other's hurtboxes. During a clash both characters can cancel their attack into: any attack, a jump if the attack is jump cancellable, forward runs on ground, forward Air-Dashes or Double Jump in mid-air if air options are available, a Faultless Defense, or—in the Xrd games—a Blitz Shield. The cancel timing window is very small, however. In Xrd, when a clash occurs, there is a random chance that the game will enter Danger Time (デンジャータイム, Denjā Taimu?). Both players are given 25% Tension, and after a three-second countdown, a temporary period starts in which all hits will inflict 20% more damage. In addition, Mortal Counters (モータルカウンターヒット, Mōtaru Kauntā Hitto?) become available. With "Mortal!" appearing on-screen, it triggers Counter Hit effects but also more hitstop, time slow, and enables cancelling into anything that a clash can cancel into.


Normal Attack

These basic attacks correspond to the four-button layout introduced in the original Guilty Gear, to which another was later added in Guilty Gear XX. They are, from weakest to strongest in their general Gatling progression: Punch Punch, Kick Kick, Slash Slash, and Heavy Slash Heavy Slash.

Forward Thrust Attack

Keeping the right directional button, Right, pressed down while attacking will transform a normal attack. These are character-specific in their function, and generally have no names. The attack buttons generally used are Punch, Kick and Heavy Slash, depending on the game.


A Throws is an attack that cannot be blocked in which a character grabs their opponent and force them into a direction against their will, usually the ground. One can only used near the opponent and by pressing Left or Right + Heavy Slash, and can be done while jumping.

Dust Attack

Dust Attacks, originally called Launchers, are attacks that serve as air combo starters. If hit, the opponent will be spun around and knocked down, becoming temporarily defenseless. Originally, it was performed by pressing Slash + Heavy Slash while standing, but since Guilty Gear X it has its own button, Dust Dust.

Dead Angle Attack

In the original Guilty Gear, inputting a Special Attack command cancels one's Guard animation and strike the enemy. From Guilty Gear X onwards, pushing Right plus any two attack buttons (except Dust) produces a specific counterattack if the Tension Gauge is at 50% or above.


As its names implies, it is a basic attack that, if it hits the opponent, knocks them down by sweeping their legs out from under them. The command is generally Down + Dust. First appearing in Guilty Gear X, they provide an alternative to Dust Attacks.

Blitz Attack

Blitz Attacks are featured in Guilty Gear Xrd -Revelator- and can be performed during a Blitz Shield while on ground. Holding the Heavy Slash button will charge the Blitz Attack, and releasing it will unleash the counterattack.



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