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Octy is a supporting character in the Guilty Gear series, who is one of Johnny's crewmates. Identical to the other Jellyfish Pirates members, she wears a white shirt, but with a yellow ribbon. Despite the fact that her hair appears to hang over her eyes, she has excellent eyesight.

Like the other Jellyfish Pirates members, she joins May in her in-game battle pose and her Instant Kill. She is also featured alongside May in her outro in Guilty Gear Xrd and Strive. Within the crew, she is in charge of the deck, scouting for threats within the crow's nest.

She is named after October, which is the month she was recruited into the pirate crew.


  • Identical to her crewmates, Octy tends to wear the month number she was recruited in on her attire. This is seen in Xrd as she has the roman numeral "X" on her cuffes and the number "10" is partially noticeable on her pirate hat in Strive.