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Ms. Confille is a recurring weapon in the Guilty Gear series. It is one of the many firearms in Elphelt Valentine's arsenal, just like Ms. Travailler. It is a rifle that was created by the Cyprus Project.


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In 2186,[1] following the Baptisma 13 event,[2] under orders of St. Maximus Ariels[3] and the Conclave, massive resources were dedicated to developing effective countermeasures and weapons against Backyard threats, such as Valentines and Servants. One such as the Cyprus Project,[2] which attempted to understand and advance technology that was lost after the Dawn of Revival[4] under the direction of Leon Mining.[5] Among the weapons the project produced were Ms. Confille,[2] Ms. Travailler, and an unnamed handgun.

Around September 2187, Elphelt Valentine stole a number of firearms—including Ms. Confille—from the research facility on Cyprus, making them her signature weapons.


When the trigger is pressed, it forms magical energy into a projectile and fires it, allowing those who lack magical aptitude to still benefit from the use of magical bullets. Ms. Confille was also designed for mid-to long-range combat.[2] It is said to have been developed as an effective countermeasure for Backyard-native threats,[2] who are known for optimizing their magic beyond the Divine Steps,[6] which normally renders common spells useless.[7]


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