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Guilty Gear -Strive- Starter Guide -3 - May

May is a playable character in most games since the original Guilty Gear.



A good character for beginners, given an average speed, power, and executability, May is a close-range character and a powerful attacker who specializes in charging at the opponent. She is defined by her amazing normal attacks (having great hitboxes that usually give her priority), as well as her extremely good air mobility: May has one of the better backdashes and one of the highest super jumps, combined with strong aerial normals.

Her main move is Mr. Dolphin, an attack allows her to ride a dolphin both horizontally or vertically. The vertical attack is for anti-air and has little pushback, while the horizontal is an all around good tool for neutral, pressure and combos, being used as a poke after one.

In Strive, May has only two mobility options and the rest of her moves are slow and hard hitting. While she doesn't have nearly as much control and escape potential, she can hit harder with a much lesser execution barrier in return. Still a rushdown-heavy character, she wants to stay close to her opponent and apply pressure, but needs to remain unpredictable, such as mixing up low and overhead attacks and using the heavy and light Mr. Dolphin options appropriately.



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