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Marina is a supporting character in the novel Guilty Gear X Lightning the Argent.

She was rescued by Ky Kiske from a group who was harassing her and is offered to be taken to a hospital. However, they were stopped by the villagers who know that the hospital has its secrets. To learn about the matter, Ky decided to stay in the village and live at the church Marina was staying in. The two then spent time together with the children and form a friendship. It was later revealed that she was left as an infant at the chapel's doorsteps and the person who delivered her was dead. She had the sigil of Justice, but the priest took her in nonetheless.

When Marina caught a cold, she accidentally drinks the Plackard Company's Vitae that Ky left. As a result, she was cured from her disability and was able to walk. However, when Solaria sang, Marina's legs transformed into tentacles with a woman's face that attacked her. Ky, who later blamed himself for bringing the medicine, was able to hack off the Gears and then takes her to Faust to be treated.

After the incident, Marina studied in London to obtain a teacher's license. She and Solaria, who was revealed to be her sister, came under the protection of the IPF.