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Magical Foci are a mysterious race in the Guilty Gear series, and generally are pseudo-lifeforms created by binding a soul to an inanimate object, such as a weapon.


As any inanimate object or even a human can become a Magical Foci, these beings have no common physical traits that differentiate them from other races in the series.


It is unknown how they originated, only that there was a evolutive process to their kind, with early Magical Foci only able to repeat repeat fragments of memories from the soul that had been used to create them. After numerous improvements in the process, Foci became much more sentient.[1]

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A Magical Foci is a random object,[2] whether human[2] or inanimate,[1] that has become conscious[2] due to a soul[1] (i.e. a person's memories)[3] being bound to them,[1] or because strong collective thoughts and memories encountered them.[2] Considered pseudo-lifeforms,[1] these mysterious beings originate in the Backyard.[3]

Their level of sentience has varied since their origins: early Foci were only able to repeat fragments of memories from the soul that had been used to create them, while later ones could maintain seemingly normal conversations. This effect is the result of the individual's information inside the Backyard being transmitted via a physical proxy.[1]

Known Magical Foci include the key-shaped axe Paracelsus,[3] and the human I-No.[4][2] A distinctive sub-group of Foci are the Yokai (妖怪, Yōkai?), comprised of Izuna and his friends. It is currently unknown what exactly distinguishes them from other Foci, although it might be their origin: they are heavily linked to the Japanese[3][1]—known for their ki affinity[5] and supernatural potential.[6] In any case, they do seem to possess certain common traits: The Yokai are residents of Underworld Hill; as with Gears, they can be controlled by Justice;[7] and due to their Backyard origins, they are initially born without conscience, only a body, and learn emotions as they go along.[8]


  • Yōkai are a class of supernatural monsters and spirits in Japanese folklore.