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M.O.M Mode (M.O.Mモード, Emuoemu Mōdo?), which stands for "Medal of Millionaire", is a recurring game mode in the Guilty Gear series. It is a one-fall competition wherein a Medal Gauge and medal level increase as the player strikes their opponent with combos. By achieving certain meter levels, the player receives life restoration items.


Points are earned via performing combos, Overdrive Attacks, Special Attacks, on one's opponents. Whenever inflicting damage, the meter at the bottom will fill up and gain levels; even more so if one lands one or more Counter Hits. The heavier the damage inflicted, the more health and gold items the opponent will drop. If there is a gap between combos, the meter's level will begin to decrease in level.The meter initially it starts at Level 1, and ranges from -1 to 7.

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