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Kum Haehyun is a character in the Guilty Gear series. Haehyun is the fifth and current head of the Kum family, who are known for their great knowledge of Ki energy. Because her family does not allow women to hold positions of power, Haehyun controls a robot with the form of an imposing elderly master.


Haehyun is a teenage girl of fair complexion, pink eyes and medium thick brows. Her hair is multi-colored, being mostly dark violet but with white locks on her left side. She wears her hair in a bun tied with a purple lace, while wearing suzu bell-like headphones with "TESLA" written on them. Her outfit consists of a white hanbok with a pink ribbon shaped like the infinity symbol, and a purple undivided chima.

At all times, Haehyun pilots a robot with the appearance of a heavily-built elderly man. It has long, white hair and beard, and is partially bald. His eyes are equally white and without pupils. It wears a blue hakama with gold details, above a kimono. Only its right sleeve is properly worn so as to show off the left arm's dark orange flame tattoo and a dark grey chain that Haehyun cherishes. A chain with a suzu bell accessory functions as its belt.


At first glance, Haehyun seems to be an extremely serious sort of person, although that may only be because of Jonryoku's rather stern, non-emoting face. What is true is that Haehyun takes her duties in earnest and puts maximum effort with regard to everything, gaining much trust from everyone around her. While her services are costly, Haehyun is able to put that aside when the future of many is in jeopardy, and will pull her life at risk to save them.

She displays a dignified demeanor, and has a high standard for people, not caring for those who don't apply themselves fully to a subject. In private Haehyun has also shown a playful side, as seen when she teased May.



After Haehyun's predecessor passed on, the Kum main family became at odds with more distant branches of the family, all after the inheritance. With no successor to the head of the family in place, Haehyun's mother worked to protect the reputation of the Kum name, sacrificing her body to do it.

Soon after she resolved the conflict with the Kum house, she gave birth to Haehyun before dying. Haehyun thus became the fifth and current head of the Kum family in her infancy. Due to her family's strict position against women holding positions of power, Haehyun was forced to control her robot Jonryoku and only a very few people know her true identity. From a young age, she began offering her services as a Tuner at a high price. To each of the countries she travelled, she collected a piece of the chain on Jonryoku's right arm.

At some point, Haehyun befriended Johnny, who is one of the few who know her identity, although the circumstances in which they met are unknown.

Guilty Gear Xrd

Haehyun receives a call from Johnny requesting her to rendezvous at the Japanese Colony in order to investigate the disturbances there. After treating a patient, she departs from her home, and Da-Eum and her many handmaidens bid her farewell. She arrives earlier than Johnny and Faust, and begins her thorough investigation. When Johnny arrives, she asks Leo Whitefang to let Johnny go free and explains the situation. Leo agrees to her request. Via Johnny's com, Haehyun is able to talk to Faust, who asks to be informed of any changes while he searches for a cure.

She shows May her true identity as she is one of Johnny's girls. Later on, Johnny is worried for Haehyun's safety, but she is willing to help nevertheless because he asked, and they hug. As the residents become ill, Haehyun is worried that they may not have enough time to treat them all. May gives Haehyun an small anchor as a good luck charm and "thank you", and then leaves to find the colony's "power spot", telling Haehyun to eat something as she has been skipping meals.

Haehyun receives her delivery from Jam Kuradoberi, and they talk about small efforts. Leo calls to inform that the problem is not the residents themselves, but the world. May then returns alongside Baiken with a solution. Baiken takes Haehyun and May to a sacred tree infused with the ki of her people during generations. During the crisis to stop the Universal Will, Haehyun uses the massive amount of ki in the tree to control the Information Flares, while Baiken, May and Answer protect her from the Phalanx. Haehyun holds off for about 40 minutes until harmony is restored when the Illyrian main team defeats Ariels and Justice becoming one with Jack-O' Valentine.

Guilty Gear -Strive-

Haehyun appears in the epilogue eating food prepared by Jam.


Haehyun has a large knowledge in martial art techniques that can be seen by he control of the exoskeleton she calls Jeon Ryok Kum (全力琴(ジヨンリヨククム), Jiyon Riyoku Kumu?). However, her greatest asset is the power of Tuning, a rare bloodline ability passed through generations in the Kum family that allows her to use her ki to read and control the flow of ki in the world.

Such an ability allows her to detect irregularities in living beings, as well as to strengthen bodies (as it can be seen in her attacks) and weaken them (as it can be seen in her Sundering Chord). Haehyun insists that she is not a doctor, as her tuning allows her to prevent illnesses, disrupting their progress and slow the symptoms—not cure them. She can also create "tuning balls" made of ki which she can control at will. Haehyun is able to visualize Ki energy as the strings of musical instruments.


  • The Tuner - Guilty Gear Xrd


Using Jonryoku as her mouthpiece, Haehyun has a dignified speech. Interestingly, in her winning quotes she gives a ki reading of all her defeated opponents.


  • "Kum" (琴) is the Korean name for the Guqin, the musical instrument she plays in her intro in Xrd.
  • Haehyun's headphones have "TESLA" inscribed on them. Nikola Tesla is a Serbian-American inventor best known for his contributions to the design of modern electricity supply systems.


  • Haehyun has made a guest appearance in the game Code Shifter.


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