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A Knockdown (ダウン, Daun?) is a character's downed state that occurs when struck by some attacks. A staple of fighting games, it also appears in the Guilty Gear series.


After a character has been knocked down to the floor, they have a brief vulnerable on-the-ground period, after which they enter a wake-up animation that is fully invincible. The amount of time each character takes to wake up is character-specific and depends on whether they are knocked to the ground face down or face up.

In Guilty Gear, a character can do a Knockdown Evasion (ダウン回避, Daun Kaihi?) by pressing Up plus any attack button (Punch or Kick or Slash or Heavy Slash) to recover faster. If Up is held and the attack button is pressed rapidly, the character won't be able to Air-Dash or Double Jump while still in mid-air.[1]

From Guilty Gear X onwards, a Recovery (受け身, Ukemi?) is done while in the air to regain one's balance. Originally it is done by pushing any two attack buttons simultaneously,[2][3] but in Guilty Gear XX Λ Core it was changed to only one attack button.[4] Also pressing the Left or Right directional buttons moves the character towards that direction upon recovery.[2][3][4] The character thus returns to an airborne neutral state, and their Double Jump and Air-Dash options are reset.




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