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The Jellyfish Pirates are a band of sky pirates led by Johnny from the Guilty Gear series. Chivalrous thieves in the mold of a modern-day Robin Hood, this group consists mainly of young women. The crew, with the exception of their captain, are named after the months in the calendar.


The most common Jellyfish crew outfit is a sailor top that shows the midriff, jean shorts and a bandana. However, each of the girls have their own versions of their uniform, and in Xrd, their outfits are further diversified from each other, with some members wearing entirely different headgear and all of them, excluding April, now sporting unique color schemes.

In Xrd, the collars of the uniforms are each marked with a roman numeral corresponding to the month the Jellyfish Pirate is named after (while Leap's collar is marked with "LY").


One day, long after his father was killed by a Gear, Johnny realized that there were many orphans in the same situation as himself, but not everyone could stand up for themselves like he did.[1] Trying to be a man capable of affection that saved others from solitude,[1] and longing to be as beloved as his father had been, Johnny decided that piracy was how he would reach that goal.[2] Sometime before 2171,[3] Johnny thus founded the Jellyfish Pirates, and traveled the world finding and protecting other orphaned children, like April and May. The crew he amassed, by and large, came to see him as a father figure.[2]

In 2180,[4] Johnny is caught in one of their missions and incarcerated. Given a long sentence, the crew immediately begins planning an elaborate breakout. Yet, the day before they carried out their plan, April learns of the Second Holy Order Selection Tournament, and tells May about it. Thinking she will be able to ask for Johnny's release,[5] May participates in the tournament, though she finds out that she—and the other contestants—are duped into freeing Gear commander Justice. Meanwhile, Johnny breaks out of prison on his own [6] in order to save May.[7] He arrives just in time to prevent May from learning that she is Japanese, and proposes that they celebrate his return with a party; the crew happily obliges.[6]

Less than a year later, the crew is hired by Bernard to help defend London from the recently revived Hydra,[8] for which they are handsomely paid. However, when they visit a so-called Ruins of the Old World, Ky Kiske attempts to arrest Johnny and May as they obtain a half of the Silver Disk, but the two are able to evade capture once again.[9] Soon after, the crew decides to give a collective present to Johnny for his upcoming birthday. The world—and the crew—then learns of the existence of a self-reliant Gear with a bounty.[10] Both Johnny and May depart to find this Gear; the former sensing a lonely soul, and the latter to collect the bounty for a gift far beyond the rest of the crew.[7][10]

Of the two, Johnny is the one to find the Gear Dizzy (after being spared by Sol Badguy) and takes her under his wing, welcoming her into the crew.[11] May returns to find herself a new crewmate, whom she teaches how to survive on the May Ship.[7] In a matter of weeks, the Jellyfish Pirates become Dizzy's home.[11] Their peace doesn't last long, as the mysterious I-No attacks the May Ship and throws Dizzy overboard[12] in order to catch Sol's attention and lure him into a trap.[13] After I-No leaves, the entire crew begins the search for Dizzy,[12] and reunite after I-No is defeated.[14][15][16][17][18]

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The Jellyfish Pirates are a band of "chivalrous thieves",[19] and have few compunctions about breaking the law, in fact regularly doing so in the name of protecting those the law cannot.[2] They do not hesitate to visit vigilante justice on anyone who oppresses the weak through political or martial means, and all of their spoils are redistributed to the poor, which has earned them a very good reputation with the lower classes. As a result, police forces are usually reluctant to hunt them down and occasionally just turn a blind eye.[19]

With the notable exception of Johnny, they are all women. Each crew member has a role that they fulfill:[19]


Noel as a Jellyfish pirate.