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Izuna's tribe concept art.

The following is a list of servants in Izuna's Tribe from Guilty Gear 2 -Overture-.


Both Izuna and his servants lack decisive power, but the balance of soldiers is good. Izuna himself has enough combat power, so his tribe can develop various strategies, as well as do tricky attacks. It is an all-rounder army that mostly functions by being deceptive as its units tends to change the basic flow of the game through unexpected AI, a potent mix of buffs and debuffs, or simpler reliance on attack luck reliance, quirky attack patterns or indirect tactics.

It can be seen as a middle ground between Sol's and Sin's tribes, holding a solid ground in its Standard units but keeping a quite task-oriented approach to its Elite servants.



Name Class HP Unlock Summon Info
GG2 Izuna tribe icon 1.png
Melee 480 -- 210 Goblin with average combat abilities. Uses a counterattack when it's hit.
  • AT1 - Melee attack. (Dmg: 44.)
  • Askill1 "Please Go Home" (お帰りくだせぇ, Okaeri kudase~e?) - Hits multiple enemies in range with a knockdown attack. (Dmg: 50; hit: 2 units.)
  • Askill2 "Counter Abilities" (カウンター能力, Kauntā Nōryoku?) - Dishes out a counter when attacked by an enemy. Once used, it won't be able to use another counter for a certain amount of time. (Dmg: 19 x 4; cooldown: 15s.)
GG2 Izuna tribe icon 2.png
Mobile 500 150 300 Cute goblin that hides behind a mask. Tends to focus its attack on magic and ranged servants.
  • AT1 - Charge attack. (Dmg: 45.)
  • Askill "I'm at full speed" (私、まっしぐら, Watashi, masshigura?) - Prioritizes attacks to magic and ranged soldiers, jumpting and attacking them. Involves multiple enemies. (Dmg: 50 x 2; hit: 2? units.)
GG2 Izuna tribe icon 3.png
Armored 720 150 360 Excels in offense and defense, using its large body as a wall. Its combos are powerful for an ordinary goblin.
  • AT1 - Melee attack. (Dmg: 40.)
  • AT2 "Where the bad kids at?" (悪い子はいねが?, Warui Ko wa Ine ga??) - Multistep attack that consecutively slashes the opponent. (Dmg: 23 x 4.)
GG2 Izuna tribe icon 4.png
Ranged 350 200 110 Ranged goblin with low defense. Attacks enemies outside its line of sight with small clones of itself.
  • AT1 "Bending Shot" (屈折shot, Kussetsu Shotto?) - Fires a projectile that shifts its course acutely. Since it's not fired in a straight line, it's hard for enemies to find the source of the ballistic missile.*(The number of projectiles increase when it reaches max level.) (Dmg: 30.)
GG2 Izuna tribe icon 5.png
Elite Melee 1500 400 360 Flings foes into the air with a Basho fan, temporarily forcing them out of the battlefield.
  • AT1 - All-direction melee attack. Has a high chance of knocking the enemy out. (Dmg: 75; hit: 5 units.)
  • AT2 - Charge attack. Involves any enemy in its line of attack. Will cause knockdowns. (Dmg: 50 x 3; hit: 5 units.)
  • NCskill "Basho Fan" (芭蕉扇, Bashō Ōgi?) - Flings opponents into the air, temporarily forcing them out of the battlefield. (Dmg: 10; duration: 20s; cooldown: 30s.)
GG2 Izuna tribe icon 6.png
Elite Armor 3000 400 650 Gives birth to minions when enough damage accumulates. Dominates ghosts and masterghosts.
  • AT1 - Ghost control melee attack. Only targets and attacks ghosts and masterghosts. (Dmg: 400.)
  • Pskill - Minion Summons. When it accumulates enough damage, it falls on its knees, knocking down nearby enemies as it summons its minions. (Dmg: 10; hit: 10 units.)
GG2 Izuna tribe icon 7.png
Elite Magic 750 400 390 Has an aura that enhances the defense of nearby allies, and can temporarily freeze opponents.
  • AT1 - Multistep melee attack. (Dmg: 23 x 9; duration: 6s.)
  • AT2 "Silver Tears" (白銀の涙, Shirogane no Namida?) - Round-trip projectile weapon that attacks opponents on its way forward and back. (Dmg: 30 + 30; hit: 3 + 3 units.)
  • NCskill "Freeze" (凍てつきなさい, Itetsuki Nasai?) - Freezes an enemy for a short period of time. The frozen foe can't attack, but will take less damage and won't stagger or be knocked down. (Duration: 2s (master), 8s (servants); cooldown: 10s.)
  • PCskill "Handcrafted Thermal Aura" (手作り防寒オーラ, Tedzukuri Bōkan Ōra?) - Reduces damage for nearby allies.
GG2 Izuna tribe icon 8.png
Elite Ranged 1000 400 290 Uses high-speed attacks to confuse foes. Has a variety of skills including traps and defensive enhancements.
  • AT1 "Sunbeams" (木漏れ日, Komorebi?) - Moves with high speed and pierces many enemies in its line of attack. (Dmg: 40; hit: 5 units.)
  • AT2 - Close-range shot. (Dmg: 50; hit: 3 units.)
  • Askill "Ibarawaraji" (イバラワラジ, Ibarawaraji?) - Arranges attacks and electrocutes enemies for a limited time.*(No attribute.) (Dmg: 25 x 6; duration: 15s; cooldown: 20s.)
  • PCskill "Lightning God's Raiment" (雷神の羽衣, Raijin no Hagoromo?) - Increases defense on a large scale for a short period of time. (Duration: 15s (masters), 30s (servants); cooldown: 15s.)


Name Class HP Unlock Summon Info
GG2 Izuna tribe icon 9.png
Magic 300 -- 150 Minion specialized in unique abilities. Can slow down and paralyze opponents.
  • AT1 "Mr. Dharma Is Falling Down" (達磨さんが転んだ, Daruma-san ga Koronda?) - Turns the enemy into stone for a limited time. Petrified foes take less damage when attacked, and won't stagger or be knocked down. (Dmg: 10 x 3; hit: 5 units.)
  • NCskill "Mr. Slippery Summons" (ヌメ君召喚, Nume-kun Shōkan?) - Reduces the speed of opponents. (Duration: 15s; cooldown: 15s.)
Daidarabotchi's Minion
GG2 Izuna tribe icon 10.png
Armored 440 -- -- Minion born from Daidarabotchi. With high mobility and combos, it has a very militant nature.
  • AT1 - Consecutive melee attack. (Dmg: 15 x 3 +35.)


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