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I could be anything you like, or nothing at all. But... I do exist.

Happy Chaos, or simply Chaos for short, is a mysterious character in the Guilty Gear series who discovered the Backyard and influenced the history of the world under various aliases. He assumed the name Happy Chaos during the events of Guilty Gear Xrd Rev 2, and properly debuted in Guilty Gear -Strive-.


Happy Chaos is an athletic young man with light cerulean skin with white palms and soles, unkempt dirty blond hair, and a pair of short horns. A black halo with five spikes hovers above his head, similar to Jack-O' Valentine's. Rows of orange cross markings appear along the length of his arms and around his chest, collar, and back. A large black heart emblem with a golden cross and teeth appears on the center of his chest, with streaks of black ink seeming to drip down his abdomen.

He wears a pair of distinctive glasses with orange-tinted, x-shaped lenses, black leather pants, and a single black fingerless glove on his right hand. He dual wields a pair of futuristic revolvers, which are kept holstered on each hip.

While infiltrating G4 he dons a secret service member's jacket, worn in a casual off-the-shoulder manner, which is carried forward into his design as a playable character.


Happy Chaos's original personality is largely unknown, but he is a man who became overwhelmed by the complete knowledge of the universe, seemingly losing his sanity and becoming an unusually "pure" being. He views the concepts of good and evil as equal values, making him potentially end up causing major incidents or being on the side of justice.[1]

Chaos is an erratic and unpredictable individual, befitting his name. The reason he causes turmoil is due to him loving the "emotional part" of today's immature culture. As humans pursue efficiency, they become mechanical and "lose emo" once it arrives. Thus, Happy Chaos does his best to always "stir" trouble and cause problems in any sort of way he can without giving a direct answer.[2] This leads to him often orchestrating scenarios purely to create drama, for example pitting humans against one another in life or death scenarios, sometimes without considering the consequences.

Though mercurial and seemingly childish, Chaos is actually calculating and highly manipulative, and keenly aware of his own nature and weaknesses. He often plans many steps ahead, and is able to carry out exceptionally complex deceptions, often for little more than his own amusement. Even so, he enjoys taking things slow, enjoying the journey more than the destination, and prefers to devise strategies on the fly rather than to plan everything out ahead of time.

Chaos seems to be fascinated by the notion that things only come into existence when they have a purpose, and currently believes that his purpose is to help I-No achieve godhood by returning her power to her. It is also said that the future Happy Chaos sees is very boring, so he also sticks with her as she seems to be able to manage it.[2]



At some point during the Crusades, he discovered I-No in the Backyard and took half of her power in order to prevent her from becoming an entity transcending time, which could create a paradox threatening the very existence of the universe. The Universal Will, unable to directly attack the Original, then stole that power and fused it with him, transforming him into a devilish anomaly. Burdened with omnipotence and now carrying all of humanity's hope towards living, he lost interest in concepts like good and evil, instead creating conflict to amuse himself and remind humankind of their own humanity.

During the Crusades he would depart the Backyard in spirit form to wreak havoc, manipulating the populace to sow chaos and destruction, resulting in countless deaths including the massacre of Baiken's friends and family. Among those he manipulated during this time was the vampire Nagoriyuki. Many of his actions during the Crusades were wrongly attributed to the mysterious individual known as That Man.

Guilty Gear Xrd

When Jack-O' Valentine awakened prematurely, she sought out I-No and revealed her true nature to her, as part of a potential contingency plan should Sol Badguy fail to defeat the Universal Will, mistakenly believing that Asuka had created a second Jack-O' unit named Happy Chaos, which could be used to save I-No by restoring her humanity, in the same way that she herself could restore Aria's. Unbeknownst to her, Asuka never actually completed the unit.

The Original takes the name Happy Chaos for himself.

While discussing the contingency plan with Raven she explained that the other Jack-O' had still not awakened, referring to her as Happy Chaos, unaware that the Original was eavesdropping on their conversation. After Raven chastised Jack-O' and departed to confront I-No, the Original could be heard maniacally laughing, announcing that he loves the name Happy Chaos to the point where he takes it as his own.[2][3]

At some point he was absorbed by Ariels, in order to attain his knowledge of humanity and acquire power with which to battle Sol Badguy. During a celebratory banquet Ariels went mad and began slaughtering her guests, until Chipp Zanuff, sensing something demonic lurking within her, intervened. Soon after she fled, murdered her hired assassin, Bedman, and began to carry out her plan to create a new Absolute World, only to be stopped by Sol and others, eventually being taken into custody by Ky Kiske and imprisoned in Illyria, with Chaos trapped inside her.

Guilty Gear -Strive-

Happy Chaos was released from Ariels's body by I-No, with the pair departing the castle grounds before Ky Kiske arrived with more Illyrian soldiers. Outside, Chaos revealed to I-No his desire to make her a god, explaining that he exists for a reason and that despite most of the universe being undiscovered, the only thing that really interests him is drama. He then used his magic to materialize a red convertible and the pair set out.

While driving along a forest road, Happy Chaos outlined his plan to infiltrate the G4 Summit, steal the Tome of Origin from Asuka, and use it restore I-No's power, noting that he would need additional manpower to prevent Sol from interfering. Upon arriving in the city, Axl Low's time froze and he sensed Chaos lurking nearby, with Chaos remarking that they had last encountered in the year 2192. Afterwards Chaos took I-No to the high-rise under which Nagoriyuki was slumbering, destroying the building and enslaving him, explaining to I-No that he required his strength and unique abilities. I-No chose to remain behind, briefly chatting with Axl, who had sensed Chaos's arrival and used his power to freeze time, saving the lives of all the people trapped in the collapsing building. Afterwards she allowed herself to be captured by soldiers in order to distract the Illyrian government from Chaos's plans.

Speeding down a coastal highway on the outskirts of Illyria, Chaos was spotted by Chipp and Anji Mito, who was now working for Chipp to help track down and identify Happy Chaos as the demonic entity that had possessed Ariels at the banquet, as well as the individual who had been falsely identified as That Man during the Crusades. Chaos soon also drew the attention of Sol and Jack-O', with Sol realizing that he must be the one behind I-No's attack and giving chase. Chipp and Anji joined the pursuit as well, with Chipp mentioning that Baiken and Delilah were seeking revenge on Chaos.

During the resulting high speed chase, Chaos summoned Nagoriyuki to help shake off all of his pursuers apart from Sol, then replicated the unique regeneration-halting properties of his blade to create special bullets and dismissed him. Sol fired a blast at Chaos, obliterating the left half of his body, only for him to regenerate nearly instantaneously. Chaos returned fire, striking Sol in the chest. When Sol realized the wound wasn't healing, he questioned what he was. Formally introducing himself as Happy Chaos, he stated that he can be anything or nothing at all, and compared his existence to that of the chicken or the egg, which he claims only came into existence for the sake of the omelette. At the same time he gave Sol a terrifying vision of a growing black miasma with two stark white eyes, then opened fire and forced him off the road.

Afterwards, Chaos used his magic to hack into the Post-War Administration Bureau's intel on the White House, uncovering encrypted data on Project Tír na nÓg. A short while later he and Nagoriyuki arrived on the outskirts of Washington DC. There Chaos brainwashed a secret service agent to ensure that a gap would be left in security during G4, then explained to Nagoriyuki that he brought him along because he's the only one who knows his weakness, which could result in an interesting turn of events and provide some real drama. Noting that he actually likes Nagoriyuki for being a rare person who actually holds himself to his own standards, Chaos introduced him to the post-revival United States of America for the first time, claiming that it could soon be transformed into hell.

On the morning of the G4 summit, Giovanna picked up Chaos's scent. A short while later he began to brainwash soldiers and secret service members outside of the White House, taking an agent's jacket in the process. After sharing his hacked intel with Illyrian government, he casually walked into the West Wing of the White House, having already brainwashed all staff inside, and entered the Cabinet Room, interrupting peace talks between world leaders and Asuka, who was transmitting from the safety of the Presidential Emergency Operations Center. Excusing Asuka for not recognizing him in his current form, he introduced himself as Happy Chaos and cut off the video feed. Among the representatives in attendance were US President Colin Vernon and Third King of Illyria Daryl.

Chaos began to toy with the representatives, first ordering one to shoot Daryl lest he murder everyone in the room, only to save Daryl's life at the moment the gun was fired. Chaos next offered them world peace "ready in just five minutes," hacking into weapons systems around the globe and launching the attending nations' Albatross missiles, directed at one another, while offering them controls to trigger their self-destruct systems. When the representatives detonated their missiles in atmosphere, Chaos congratulated them for achieving disarmament. Admitting that he had only done this to demonstrate his power, he demanded that Colin help him access the PEOC so that he could take the Tome of Origin from Asuka.

When Colin agreed to the demands and began to lead Chaos to the exit, Sol kicked down the door, knocking Chaos into a wall and rescuing the President. For the next several hours Sol would attempt to flee the White House while pursued by Chaos's brainwashed minions. Chaos remained in the Cabinet Room bantering with Daryl about the nature of reality and human achievement, explaining that people are only interested in history when it becomes part of their personal narrative, and expresses to create history filled with real drama. He then activates Tír na nÓg, transforming the White House and the entire National Mall into a gigantic airship which rapidly ascended into the sky, preventing Sol and Vernon from escaping.

Realizing that Chaos is in fact his former mentor, The Original, Asuka contacted Sol to share the information with him. Chaos simultaneously revealed his true identity to Daryl and the others, explaining that his heart and mind were both broken during the years he spent in the Backyard. As Chaos reveals his real plan to return half of I-No's power, Daryl outsmarts Chaos into stealing his gun and point it at his head, telling the former Savior to let him and all leaders at the meeting room go, so Chaos can only deal against both Sol, Vernon and Asuka. As Chaos accepts Daryl's deal, he is still disappointed that he should kept the Third King at least. He is surprised that Daryl was able to completely outsmart him even more through secretly implementing a secret magic communication beneath the glass of cold bitter coffee which the former drank. Once Asuka made his move, they began a magical fight over controlling the White House airship. As Asuka is disappointed to see his former teacher's current state, due to his disappearance, Chaos is knocked-out by his former disciple.

In his coma, Chaos envisioned himself in a destroyed room floating in middle of the air alongside the Universal Will, who explains who she is and her reason on why she became human, among other deeper stuff related to the both of them as well as I-No's godlike powers, once explaining that he don't want to win or lose and he just want to be there, he wakes up and resumes his fight with Asuka, making him to realize he is I-No's other half before finally defeating his disciple and departing away from the office.

With the White House already in the air, Chaos notices Potemkin forcing against the direction the place is flying, much to his excitement. As Sol and Vernon reach their point of encounter with Asuka, it is revealed that it was Chaos transformed, but as he thought he would have a proper climax with Asuka, he is pushed away from inside the PEOC by Sol Badguy at Asuka's command.

Afterward, Asuka reverts Sol back to human, just as an injured Giovanna (who was beaten by Nagoriyuki) arrive and planning not to keep high-ranked member's cartoony badge, this makes the second Illyria King Leo Whitefang realize that Chaos only stole a jacket of a recently new agent Udos instead of Stryper. Even worse, Sol's reversion back to human was at a bad time, as Chaos is revealed to be still in the White House and steals the real Tome of Origin from within Asuka's body and immediately summons I-No to start their merging. In the final battle, I-No is destroyed, but Chaos survives, and finds himself at a beach, completely unharmed, sometime later. His current location is unknown, but in his words, "something needs him."[2]


As the man who discovered the Backyard, pioneered the use of magic, and created the Tome of Origin, Happy Chaos is the first and strongest magic wielder, surpassing even Asuka R. Kreutz. He can manipulate the world around him to suit his needs with minimal effort, casting powerful destructive spells or manifesting complex objects from thin air. He can also teleport, though he prefers to travel by foot or car, and can use his magic to easily hack into even the most secure computer networks.

He has the power to brainwash and change the appearance of humans, signifying this by giving them a pink rabbit head with the words "Love You" across the face with a strikethrough symbol behind it, and a rictus grin, and was even able to manipulate and enslave Nagoriyuki against his will. In his spirit form he also has the power to possess certain individuals, and often did so during the Crusades in order to sow chaos.

After obtaining half of I-No's power he gained omniscience and the ability to move through time and space, as she can. As such he seems to experience time in a nonlinear fashion, recalling Axl visiting him at a point five years in the future. He can also return I-No's power by using the Tome of Origin as a catalyst to merge with her, transforming her into a godlike entity that transcends time and can freely manipulate the universe itself. He can regenerate wounds near instantaneously, save for his right hand, which is his weak point.

He often carries a pair of futuristic revolvers, though he seldom needs to use them in combat. One of his revolvers is the Crescent Moon, a heavenly gun of which only five exist in the universe, while the other is a replica of it. During the events of Strive, he copied the unique properties of Nagoriyuki's blade to create bullets that halt Sol Badguy's regenerative powers. He also conjures a red XAM-X-MAX convertible powered by zeal as a form of transportation.

Musical Themes

  • Drift - Guilty Gear -Strive-


The Original in the -Sign- arcade opening.

  • When The Original first appears on screen during the Guilty Gear Xrd -Sign- arcade opening, the word "CHAOS" is superimposed over the image.
  • There is a reason for why Happy Chaos and Jack-O' have identical halo ring designs, but it is currently being kept as a secret.[2]