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Hapinus XXVII, also spelled as Hapinus the 27th, is an unseen minor character in Guilty Gear series. He was the Sanctus Maximus Populi before Ariels, who succeded him after his death.


Born at some point during the Crusades, Hapinus became the Sanctus Maximus in 2169;[2] described as "virtuous",[1] he had a gentle nature and fair approach to everyone that earned him much popularity among the people.[2] During his term he unconventionally appointed Ariels as cardinal.[1]

One day he suddenly changed, and his words began to make less and less sense, gradually becoming weaker both physically and mentally. Public opinion went down,[2] with people labeling him as "eccentric" and "deranged".[1] After a term of only eight years as Sanctus Maximus, without an official resignation, he died while in reign from fatigue and weakness in 2177.[2] On his deathbed, he mentioned the words "Universal Will", which came to be known to the public.[1] After his passing, Ariels was later designated the new Sanctus Maximus.[2]