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Guilty Gear Xrd Rev 2 is the overall twenty-fourth entry in the Guilty Gear series and the update title to Guilty Gear Xrd -Revelator-, first announced during Arc System Works Game Award in January 14, 2017.[1]

Players who bought -Revelator- on consoles or Steam only require a paid Rev 2 downloadable update patch in either PlayStation version. The PlayStation 4 version received a physical disc release that includes all DLC.


Rev 2 contains all story content that appears in -Revelator-, but adds three After Stories involving the main cast, That Man and Raven, the Assassin's Guild, and Zappa.

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Version differences

  • The HUD is re-hauled.
  • There are adjustments to the camera.
  • The game includes a new After Story, taking place shortly after -Revelator-'s Story Mode on the console and Steam versions, which is expanded through updates.
  • It includes two additional characters, Baiken and Answer.
  • Balance changes include new animations, effects, limitations, etc., for the entire roster (see Change Log and Ver.2.10 patch notes). New moves added are:
    • Ky's Down Right + Heavy Slash is changed.
    • Millia's Heavy Slash version of Silence Force is added, and her jumping Heavy Slash is changed.
    • Axl's jumping Right + Kick and jumping Down + Slash are added.
    • Ramlethal's Marteli and Forpeli are added.
    • Venom's Down + Heavy Slash is changed.
    • Bedman's Right + Heavy Slash is changed.
  • There are new Episode story scenes for Jam, Haehyun, Raven and Dizzy.
  • Dizzy and Haehyun, DLC characters in -Revelator-, are included as default characters in the standalone Rev 2 on the PlayStation 4 either physical or digital, but they are not included in the Rev 2 upgrade to -Revelator- and must be purchased separately either for PlayStation consoles (cross-buy between PS3 and PS4) or on Steam.


  • The paid, downloadable update patch condition is similar to Super Street Fighter IV, Dead or Alive 5 Ultimate, and SkullGirls Encore.


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