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Guilty Gear X Plus is the fifth entry in the Guilty Gear series. It is a Japan-exclusive enhanced port of Guilty Gear X for the PlayStation 2, containing two extra characters, several new features and a Wonderswan Color link with Guilty Gear Petit 2.

Although released around the time of the North American and European PlayStation 2 releases, these are ports of the Dreamcast version.[1] Plus was released in two editions: regular and deluxe, with the latter containing Guilty Gear-related special products, including a DVD with a five-minute animated trailer.[2]



Version differences

  • Kliff Undersn and Justice are added as hidden unlockable characters.
  • All characters includes three different modes—Normal, Extra and GG.—, each having a different set of moves. Extra and GG versions of fighters can be unlocked by beating the respective versions of characters in Survival Mode. GG versions in particular, have specific perks taken from the original Guilty Gear, such as low altitude air dashes.
  • In addition, Black select and Gold select versions of the characters can be chosen independently for increased powers.
  • Mission Mode is added.
  • Story Mode was enhanced drastically to become a segment very akin to a visual novel for much of the dialogue and character banter, with certain fights having unique conditions, as well as unique intros: every character now has two paths and endings each they can complete, with actions taken during specific fights dictating the branching paths (Sol, Ky and Dizzy have 3 paths/endings instead). This feature is expanded upon in its sequel.
  • A password mode was added that utilized codes found in Guilty Gear Petit 2.
  • Gallery Mode was added, compiling artwork earned in missions.
  • It re-uses the music from the Dreamcast release of Guilty Gear X published in the album Guilty Gear X Heavy Rock Tracks.
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