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Guilty Gear X Drama CD Vol.1 is a drama CD based on Guilty Gear X and written by Daisuke Ishiwatari and Kaihou Norimitsu. It has a second volume. The story is about Ky Kiske, May and Johnny being mixed up in a struggle for Old War Technology, also called Black Tech.


  1. Daybreak (第一話「DayBreak(プロローグ)」?) - 9:55
  2. 15-15 (第二話「15-15(フィフティーン・オール)」?) - 7:29
  3. Trap (第三話「罠」?) - 5:45
  4. Good Present (第四話「グッドプレゼント」?) - 7:31
  5. Street Corner (第二話「街角」?) - 8:36
  6. Thunder (第三話「雷鳴」?) - 7:55
  7. Crater (第四話「クレーター」?) - 9:02


The story starts off with Johnny and May in a shop buying clothes while trying to haggle the shopkeeper for a discount. May begs Johnny for a wedding dress but Johnny refuses and the shopkeeper gives the two a low-down on a new ruin that has been discovered. Johnny and May make their way to the ruins.




  • The narrator, Takehito Koyasu, would go on to voice Zato-1 on the Xrd games.

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