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Guilty Gear X Advance Edition is the sixth entry in the Guilty Gear series, being a port of Guilty Gear X for the Game Boy Advance. Announced during an August 2001 convention at Space World,[2] it has a variety of extras previously exclusive to the Japan-only Guilty Gear X Plus release.


Guilty Gear X Advance Edition does not contain any new additions to the story.

Version differences

  • It features a simplified gameplay due to the Game Boy Advance's hardware limitations.
  • Along with the Arcade, Survival, and Training modes from the original game, it adds Tag and 3-on-3 modes. In Tag mode, the player selects two characters, which can be switched in-game; the character not in play slowly regains health. In 3-on-3 mode, the player selects three characters, who fight in the order that they are selected; characters cannot be swapped unless the previous character is defeated, similar to the King of Fighters series.
  • "Extra" versions of characters can be unlocked, similar to EX versions in later games.
  • It includes all playable characters from the arcade version except Robo-Ky (whose moveset is implemented into Ky Kiske's extra version).
  • Character color palettes can be edited, but they do not inherit black select and gold select powers as they do in X Plus.
  • Upon completing Arcade Mode, an ending is displayed, unlike the North American and European releases of the Dreamcast and PlayStation 2 releases.


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