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This page is an official Guilty Gear Wiki policy or guideline, a standard that all editors should normally follow. Changes made to this page should reflect consensus.

The Verifiability policy requires that all content in the mainspace of the Guilty Gear Wiki be verifiable against reliable sources, referenced to by inline citations. Editors and readers should be reasonably able to check the accuracy of a claim and trace its origin. These helps ensure the authority of the site and its usefulness as a resource, as well as resolve or avoid content disputes.


  • Verifiability mostly concerns exact claims or potentially contentious material that may be challenged by a reasonable, scrutinous reader.
  • Not all content needs to have a source; the section "Design" and gameplay facts gathered simply by playing the games normally are attributable to said games, and they do not need to be cited.
  • Unverifiable statements are liable to be removed at any time by any editor.
  • Statements that may be attributable to an appropriate source but do not yet cite one should first be tagged with {{source}} for a courteous amount of time prior to removal.
  • Baseless speculation and fanon are prohibited in articles.
  • It is important to assume good faith when scrutinizing a claim against a provided source. In some cases, information may be supported by a source with restricted or difficult access (as with offline sources or copyrighted material).


  • Citations are created using footnotes that are linked to a corresponding article, or a full reference to the original source, using citation templates, which are placed within the <ref> tag as inline citations.
  • There are two important kinds of footnotes: citations, which are used to reference direct sources that support a claim, and annotations, which explain incidental or tangential information to add context to a claim.
  • All footnotes should be placed within close proximity to the claim they support, after all punctuation and outside of quotation marks. One exception is the use of dashes. References should immediately precede dashes.
  • In article layouts, citations appear in a "References" section, followed by a "Notes" section; these contain citations and annotations, respectively.
  • Do not reference the introductory paragraph unless necessary.
  • References are required in infoboxes.
  • When citing an external link, a permanent archival link (also called a backup link) must be included in the reference.