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This page is an official Guilty Gear Wiki policy or guideline, a standard that all editors should normally follow. Changes made to this page should reflect consensus.

The Guilty Gear Wiki is dedicated to collecting information about the Guilty Gear series so, as we aim to create a comprehensive and informative encyclopedia, spoilers are a necessity. Courteous to our users, however, we have a "soft" spoiler policy: While the wiki as a whole does not tag spoilers, we also try not to actively reveal plot details for readers in obvious places.

This is just a small attempt not to ruin the experience for readers interested in discovering the lore for themselves as they play through the many installments, but might want to check certain information. Still, readers are to navigate this wiki at their own risk.


  • In mainspace articles, the opening paragraphs will never contain spoiler information. Character introductions will have information pertaining to their first appearance only.
  • Spoilers should ideally be confined to Story sections.
  • In Discussions, people are able to discuss what they want and it's not for an editor to police it. If you do not want to be spoiled, we advise you tread carefully in there.
  • Characters' fates, such as whether they live or die, can only be learned by reading their Story section.
  • That Man's name can only appear in Story sections after the reveal, and nowhere else. His article will remain titled "That Man" for the foreseeable future.