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This page is an official Guilty Gear Wiki policy or guideline, a standard that all editors should normally follow. Changes made to this page should reflect consensus.

This is the policy for media, uploading and using files on the Guilty Gear Wiki. Uploads that fail to meet the criteria listed here may be deleted by an administrator and the uploader may be blocked in accordance with the blocking policy.


  • All media uploaded must have a practical use in a mainspace article. Else, they should not be uploaded.
  • Files in articles must come from official sources.
  • Under no circumstances upload files that are either illicit (such as hentai, adult, or shock images) or an infringement on copyright (such as fanart without permission or images from media other than Guilty Gear).
  • All uploads must be properly categorized (must be written in the "Summary" box) and licensed (must be selected via the "Licensing" dropdown bar).
  • Ensure the file is not a duplicate of an existing file of similar or superior quality. This includes both exact and effective duplicates (i.e., files that ultimately serve the same purpose).
  • Files must have encyclopedic and unique value; don't upload it if it's just to put it in a single gallery on one page.
  • Unless the file meets a crucial need, avoid uploading low quality files, or files that could likely be obtained in higher quality.



  • For audio files, ensure the file is in .OGG format. {{listen}} is used for inserting them in articles.
  • Music samples can only be taken from non-vocal tracks. Vocal themes (e.g. "Freesia") will have official videos in their respective articles. Karaoke versions, and themes from the vocal and live albums do not get either samples or videos.
  • Music samples may be no longer than 30 seconds and of no greater quality than 96kbps. This does not have to be the first 30 seconds of the song being sampled; feel free to make a sample of the part you feel best represents the song.
  • Music samples are categorized according to their main game source, not the album. The possible categories are:
  • Arrangements also go into these categories; e.g. the Heavy Rock Tracks (marked with "HR" in their filename) and Best Sound Collection (marked with "Remix") arrangements count as Guilty Gear X samples, while those from the Sound Complete Box (marked with "CB") are Guilty Gear samples.
  • Voice samples can be uploaded if they serve some purpose, and accompany a quote.


  • They have their own option in the dropdown bar: Game Manuals.
  • Game manuals can be uploaded as .pdf for the purposes of our Verifiability policy since, in the earlier games, background information could be found in them.
  • Both an English and a Japanese version should be provided, if possible.


  • These files have limited use on pages. You can upload one only if it fills at least one of the criteria below:
    • It illustrates an elaborate attack sequence, like an Instant Kill or a combo.
    • It is an official starter guide.
    • It is a trailer or an arcade opening.
    • It is an official music video with visuals or is a vocal theme.
  • Videos are embedded from YouTube, rather than uploaded as files directly; it is preferable to embed a video to the wiki you have uploaded to YouTube yourself.
  • All videos must be, of course, properly categorized.