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This page is an official Guilty Gear Wiki policy or guideline, a standard that all editors should normally follow. Changes made to this page should reflect consensus.

The Manual of Style is the style guide for all Guilty Gear Wiki articles. It is used to establish consistency across the project, but is not applicable to every situation.

Wikipedia's Manual of Style can also be referenced for very general conventions, but with discretion, as some elements may not be consistent with this community's standards.


  • For more details as to what each section of an article should contain, see the Article Layout. Please note that not all articles use every section. All in- and out-of-universe articles should be structured as follows:
    1. Title/Infobox
    2. Intro
    3. Body
    4. Allusions
    5. Trivia
    6. Gallery
    7. External links
    8. Notes and references
    9. Navbox
    10. Category


  • Read our community's rules, as well as our verifiability, spoilers and media policies.
  • Editors should write an summary whenever information is added, replaced or omitted. Keep it short and simple by using phrases like "Added moveset" and "Deleted wrong information".
  • The minor edit button can be used if the edit consists only of a few grammatical corrections.


  • Editors should observe proper grammar at all times. Emoticons, symbols, SMS spelling, slang, or a conversational tone are not allowed in articles. Also, never use the pronouns 'you' or 'we' in articles, only phrases like "the player" and third person pronouns.
  • Plain English should be used when possible. Avoid unnecessarily complex or rhetorical wording, and write with concision and clarity. Keep descriptions objective and avoid adding aesthetic details. Do not use figures of speech like metaphors and onomatopoeia like "She danced like the waves of the ocean, shining and beautiful. Whoosh...".
  • The most recent English translation of the release in question is used when describing something. This applies both to naming and to capitalization of names and terms. In cases when only a non-official translation is available, their inclusion on the wiki requires that they are first accepted by the community and that the translator is credible.
  • First names should be put before surnames even if the character or the person mentioned is Japanese, Chinese, or Korean.
  • Present tense is used in most cases. The exceptions are the "Background" subsection for characters, or the "Development" section in out-of-universe articles, which are written in the past tense.
  • Avoid "smart" quotation marks and apostrophes by converting them to ASCII quotation marks and apostrophes (i.e. they should look like '...' and "...", not ‘...’ and “...”).
  • Articles use the serial comma as standard.
  • Plural nouns ending in "s" should be made possessive by adding only an apostrophe, while singular nouns ending in "s" are made possessive by adding either an apostrophe followed by another "s".


  • Articles for most subjects should be titled according to their topic's most representative name, meaning the most commonly used lore-accurate name, from the most recent English translation.
  • For characters, their full names should be used. Omit prefixes, titles, and honorifics (such as "King").
  • To differentiate a page from a similarly-named article on a different subject, a parenthetical qualifier or "tag" may be used in parentheses at the end of a name. A tag refers to the type of page (e.g. "(character)", "(ability)", "(status)").
  • Redirects should be created for topics with multiple, frequently used, sourced names. This may include the prefixes, titles, or honorifics applied to character names. Spelling variations between translations may also warrant redirects.
  • Do not use the # in a link unless you intend to direct to a section of that article with the title after the # as a section.


  • A subject should be linked once upon its first mention in the article's infobox, and once upon its first mention in the article's introduction and main sections (those marked with == headers only).
  • Articles should avoid redirecting links by correcting these links to point to an article's actual title. Also avoid linking to disambiguation pages (example: [[United Kingdoms of Illyria|Illyria]], not [[Illyria]]).
  • When linking to Wikipedia articles or pages on other Fandom wikis, use the appropriate pipelinking parsers (examples: [[Wikipedia:Guilty Gear|Guilty Gear]], [[W:c:starocean:Sol Badguy|Sol Badguy]]).