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This page is an official Guilty Gear Wiki policy or guideline, a standard that all editors should normally follow. Changes made to this page should reflect consensus.

This Article Layout is an official guide as to how an in- and out-of-universe articles should be structured. There are four types of articles in this wiki: lore articles, gameplay articles, release articles (includes games, books, etc.), and other (any article that doesn't belong into any of the aforementioned types, such as albums and songs).


  • An opening quote is welcome for almost any type of article. Quotes can be said by the article's subject, or said by someone else about the article's subject. Do not use links within a quote, unless it is the only mention in the article of a certain subject.
  • The opening quote is followed by the corresponding infobox templates. E.g. A character article will have a {{Infobox Character}} template.
  • If default sections are not applicable, do not include them in the article.
  • All articles must have an "intro" paragraph, however short, in which the first mention of the article's name is in bold. In case of character articles, as part of our soft-spoiler policy, the intro's content is an introduction with information concerning their first game appearance only.
  • Galleries include only official images. See Project:Media.
  • After the specific article's body content is finished, three sections follow: "External links", "Notes" (both optional, although the latter uses the {{Notelist}} template), and "References" (use the {{Reflist}} template).
  • The articles must close with their corresponding navbox templates. E.g. A lore-related article will end with a {{Navbox Lore}} template.


-- Characters Weapons Races Organizations Locations Attacks
Design Y Y Y Y Y N
Personality Y N N N N N
Story Y Y Y Y Y Y
Abilities Y N N
Traits N Y N N
Overview N N N N N Y
Details N N N N N Y
Music Y N N N N N
Quotes Y N N N N Y
Allusions Y Y Y Y Y Y
Trivia Y Y Y Y Y Y
Gallery Y Y Y Y Y Y


  • Design
  • Personality
  • Story provides an account of the notable events in the article subject's life/existence. The level of detail in this section is up to the individual author. However, a middle ground between succinct and lengthy is generally preferable; note that citations lead to the games' full scripts (so avoid dialogue descriptions).
    Only in character articles, it should be divided into a Background subsection (in which the past tense must be used) and then subsections per main game, where the content is written in the present tense. Spin-offs, even if they have a Story Mode, are not to be included.
    Different outcomes of their Story Mode are included, whether they are canon or not. In cases where canon is not confirmed but the ending is logically canon, one must indicate why or how the conclusion was arrived at. Otherwise, simply indicate that the outcome is unknown.
  • Abilities is for showing any notable skills, powers, and knowledge possessed by the character, weapon, race, or organization. It is written from a lore perspective.
    Character articles also get a brief general description of their playstyle. Proper attack name must be used (i.e. write Dragon Install, and not 214214H; or "forward punch" instead of 6P). A {{main}} link to a command or gameplay subpage can, and should appear, if applicable.
  • Music is a list of a character's individual and rivalry themes, and a music sample as well. See Project:Media.
  • Quotes links to a "/Quotes" subpage via {{main}}, but a short intro can be included about their speech mannerisms.
  • Allusions
  • Trivia
  • Gallery


  • Story
  • Overview
  • Details
  • Quotes
  • Allusions
  • Trivia
  • Gallery


  • Gameplay
  • Summary
  • Characters
  • Development
  • Trivia
  • Gallery
  • Related material


  • ...