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Guilty Gear (ギルティギア, Giruti Gia?) is a series of Japanese fighting games developed by Arc System Works, and designed by artist and music composer Daisuke Ishiwatari. Please help us make this wiki the place for lore and information regarding the Guilty Gear franchise!

Warning: SPOILERS are unmarked. Please keep that in mind!

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I-no (イノ, Ino?) is a major character in the Guilty Gear series. She is a time-travelling musician who seems to derive pleasure from tormenting others, and is one of That Man's three servants alongside Raven and Jack-O' Valentine. Very little is known about her, with a report in Guilty Gear XX that consists entirely of "UNKNOWN!!" repeated several times over. (Read more...)

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You could make a living with your dancing skills. Just think twice before choosing a stage, though.

–[[Axl Low]] vs. [[Anji Mito]], [[Guilty Gear XX]]

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