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Guilty Gear Petit 2 is a Japan-exclusive spin-off of Guilty Gear X and the fourth installment of the Guilty Gear series. It is a sequel to Guilty Gear Petit, featuring more characters and a game link to Guilty Gear X Plus.



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Playable characters
Hidden characters


  • Petit (spelled プチ? or ぷち?) means "small" in French.
  • In this game, Robo-Ky functions akin to how he is when picked as "GG Ky" in X Plus, albeit despite having different portraits showing that he is indeed "a robot Ky", his dialogues, arcade mode leading up to Sol and ending are functionally the same as his normal version.
    • Likewise, only in this game, Robo-Ky due to being considered a "GG Mode" character, can make use of Ky's first Instant Kill.


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