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Guilty Gear -Strive- Starter Guide - Goldlewis

Goldlewis Dickinson is a playable character in Guilty Gear -Strive-.



Goldlewis's battle style falls under the power fighter category. Each one of his attacks deals heavy damage, even with only one-off hits. His aerial attacks from his low-trajectory jump are especially powerful.

He has a unique meter called the Security Level (セキュリティレベル, Sekyuriti Reberu?), and his projectile-based special moves—Thunderbird, Skyfish, and Burn It Down—power up as the gauge increases, which occurs as time passes. It will always decreases after using these special moves. When the level is high his projectile increase their number of hits and may take on other effects.

His other special move, Behemoth Typhoon, is a series of attacks where Goldlewis swings his coffin along the trajectory of the half-circle inputted, having eight variants in total. It also requires that the player hold the final directional input, which was implemented to prevent unintentional inputs triggering the attack and to make the input distinct from his standard Heavy Slash normal attacks. While the mechanic itself is simple, inputs involving upwards directions will cause Goldlewis to jump, making it necessary to cancel into them after another move, such as a Command Normal.

Goldlewis' weakness lies in his defensive options. His jump and back-dash are slow and he lacks good pokes and a double jump, which hamper him under pressure and when playing neutral. However, he is quite durable, and his powerful conversion and strong okizeme mean that a single hit could turn the match around.



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