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Guilty Gear -Strive- Starter Guide -13 - Giovanna

Giovanna is a playable character in Guilty Gear -Strive-.



Giovanna is a rushdown character designed around having extremely safe specials that can be linked easily. She does not have the mobility or speed of other rushdown-heavy characters, but has an overwhelming offense that will generally freeze the opponent in place. Giovanna's mobility options, however, come in the form of extremely fast special movesthat allow her to close in and initiate the offense. These are Sepultura, Trovao and Sol Poente. Of these three, Sepultura is long-ranged and extremely hard to punish on block because of its fast recovery and range.

Having a low number of specials, Giovanna cannot initiate combos from any of her special moves, even on counter-hits. They are primarily used to poke, get in range and act as combo tools. Her most reliable way to begin combos are her Slash and Heavy Slash attacks, of which the former tends to be better, especially when close to the opponent. Aside from Slash and Heavy Slash having extremely good range, there are multiple combo routes from each one of them and the multi-hitting nature of her Right + Heavy Slash and jumping Slash make it extremely easy to hit confirm. From them Giovanna can cancel into any special she desires or use her kicks to make different links. Because opponents tend to neglect her extremely fast recovery, she is very likely to score counter-hits.



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