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Ghosts are supernatural beings in the Guilty Gear series. Largely undefined, they appear to be ego information that has endured after one's physical body has been lost.


Their physical appearance varies wildly between each individual, but it appears that they will retain a shape that resembles their lost physical body to a certain extent; in other words, a human's ghost will retain a humanoid shape.


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Very little is known about them, but a existing theory is that Ghosts are created when an individual's physical body is lost and the information of one's ego remains in the Backyard. In some cases, that information can manifest in the real world.[1]

This conjecture stems from the so-called ghosts (ゴースト, gōsuto?), which are "shells" of semi-incidental consciousness—or simply put, souls without sentience—,[2] and masterghosts (マスターゴースト, masutāgōsuto?), individual souls that are not supposed to appear in the physical world but which were forcefully summoned by a Soul Sinker,[3] that appear in the Baptisma 13 incident. In both cases, their information comes from the Backyard.[2][3]

Then, there are the ghosts that haunt Zappa, who all seem to possess a consciousness of their own (though to which extent is unknown). Only the names of S-Ko and Raoh are known, while the identity of the dog and sword spirits is still a mystery.[1] Although S-Ko has been identified as a "vengeful spirit" (怨霊, onryō?),[4] the Post-War Administration Bureau has little on the way of information regarding her—or the others'—nature and origin, such that she is (likely incorrectly) believed to be a "mental parasite", a "corporeal version of some creatures' residual thoughts", or even a "secret weapon created during, or before, the Crusades".[5]

Nonetheless, it appears that ghosts can possess humans they haunt, contorting their body into strange shapes. A host is unable to remember anything that happens when the ghost is in control of their body.[6][7] It would also appear that very few individuals are able to see them, such as Anji.[8] There is currently no medical cure to this condition,[9] but there are ways to limit their hold over humans, as discovered by Zappa.[6][10]