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Forward Thrust Attacks (レバー入れ特殊技, Rebā-ire Tokushu Waza?, lit. Lever-input Unique Arts), also known as Command Normals, are a type of offensive move in the Guilty Gear series common to all characters. Sometimes they are referred to as "unique attacks".


Keeping the right directional button, i.e. Right, pressed down while attacking will transform a character's Normal Attack. All characters have their own command normals done with Punch or with Heavy Slash. Certain characters can use it with Kick, too, while Bridget can only do it with Slash. The properties of these attacks differ for each character.

Forward Thrust Attacks first appear—although unnamed—in the original Guilty Gear in which most characters have Right + Punch as an input, which mainly works as an overhead or a juggle attack. It is in Guilty Gear X that it receives a proper name, and the Heavy Slash option is added. Furthermore, several characters have an additional command normal performed with Down Right plus the aforementioned attack buttons. In Guilty Gear XX Λ Core Plus R command lists, it is called "Special Skill".

Most forward punches have some form of upper-body invulnerability and are useful as "anti-air" attacks, meant to stop many high (and sometimes mid) attacks, as well as many jumping attacks. Meanwhile, forward heavy slashes are mostly slow, far-reaching attacks. In general, commands normals are unnamed attacks.