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Forbidden Beasts are a race of bio-weapons in the Guilty Gear series, related to Gears. They are parasitic organisms which require a host to survive. Currently the only forbidden beast on record is Eddie, who is bound to Zato-ONE via a forbidden spell.


Forbidden Beasts are life-forms of indeterminate shape.[1] Eddie, who has been bound to a shadow, is able to take almost any kind of form, but generally looks demonic in appearance and is able to manifest red eyes and white teeth.


Little is known about the history of these creatures, only that they were developed to fight against the Gears[2] by the "ancient military complex" that created Gears. Few humans know of their existence.[1] The Post-War Administration Bureau is believed to have been involved in their creation and development.

At one point, a researcher discovered a spell to bind a Forbidden Beast to its caster's shadow. The researcher, however, was so afraid of its effects that he put a seal of protection on the spell which required anyone who cast it to give up their sight.[3] This spell would be subsequently banned from the Arcanum,[4] and come to be known as the "5th Forbidden Magic Spell".[3] In 2173,[5] Zato-ONE cast the spell to gain power,[3] though he was unaware that it involved binding the Forbidden Beast Eddie to himself.[1]


A Forbidden Beast is a parasitic organism that is derived from Gear cell-enhanced living weapons[6] (in other words, Gear technology[7]). Developed to fight against Gears,[2] both races instinctively react to each other, their very cells branding them as true enemies.[2] Regardless of whether either party wants to fight or not, encountering each other somehow awakens artificial feelings—hatred and memories from the distant past—that compel them to fight.[8]

Forbidden beasts are self-aware,[1] conscious of their own existence and are capable of advanced thought,[6] and share the same memories as their host.[9] They are also able to communicate with their host, but apparently need a period of "incubation" before being able to do so.[1]

In theory Forbidden Beast do not actually drain the life of their host as a true paraseite would, but only require a host to survive.[6] Indeed, Zato-ONE's demise appears to have been a result of the forbidden spell that bound him and Eddie together, said to erode the host's life force[3] if overused. Should their host pass away,[7] as a check against the power they might develop,[6] these beasts have limited lifespans[10] hardcoded into them.[6] Their cell structures will begin to disintegrate[11] until they, too, finally die like their hosts.[12]


  • Contrary to popular belief, Millia Rage's hair is not a Forbidden Beast; rather, it is said to "fall under the same classification as"[13]/"can be thought of as an equivalent to"[14] both Gears and Forbidden Beasts.
  • It appears that the 5th Forbidden Spell, or Pact of the Shadows, can only bind a beast that has been created before its casting. In Zato's case, it appears that Eddie was created before 2177 by the P.W.A.B., and then "issued"[10]/supplied via the spell.