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Faultless Defense (フォルトレスディフェンス, Forutoresu Difensu?), called Perfect Guard in the original Guilty Gear, is a recurring defensive mechanic in the Guilty Gear series. This type of Guard allows the player to prevent damage from Special Attacks.


Normally, blocking a Special Move always drains some health, although reduced. This can be prevented via Faultless Defense which allows blocking without losing any life at all. To initiate a Perfect Guard in Guilty Gear, the player must press and hold the Respect button while blocking. From X onwards, Faultless Defense is done by guarding and simultaneously holding down any two attack buttons except Dust. In this state, chip damage is not incurred, but the attack will knock back further than usual, putting some distance between the characters.

Using this technique will decrease the Tension gauge with each hit, and if the Tension gauge drops to zero, this guard can no longer be used. Other traits are: it increases blockstun, reduces Tension gain temporarily (reduced by 80% for 1 second), and does not increase Guard/R.I.S.C. Level.


  • It is sometimes unofficially called "Fortress Defense" by players.