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Dr. Paradigm's servants concept art.

The following is a list of servants in Dr. Paradigm's Tribe from Guilty Gear 2 -Overture-.


Dr. Paradigm's tribe is designed to be the most numerically dominant: His units have the lowest cost of all the different armies, but have average stats. He can get a large number of units in play faster than anyone else, but against stronger tribes, they will only win through force of numbers and good support from their Master. This is the only tribe with mobile units available by default.

Paradigm himself is not fit for close combat, so the player's tactics should be focused on how to utilize his servants effectively.



Name Class HP Unlock Summon Info
GG2 Paradigm tribe icon 1.png
Melee 420 -- 150 Its fighting abilities are relatively low compared to others, but its low cost is a strong point.
  • AT1 - Melee attack. (Dmg: 40.)
  • AT2 - Charge attack. (Dmg: 60.)
GG2 Paradigm tribe icon 2.png
Armored 840 150 390 Its mobility isn't high, but thanks to its heavy weight and high defense, it can function as a thick shield.
  • AT1 - Melee attack. (Dmg: 38.)
  • AT2 - Charging attack. Damages a couple of enemies. (Dmg: 35.)
GG2 Paradigm tribe icon 3.png
Mobile 540 -- 180 Excels in mobility though it has very low defense. Its low cost makes it easy to use for infiltration tactics.
  • AT1 - Melee attack. (Dmg: 35.)
  • AT2 - Charge attack. (Dmg: 50.)
GG2 Paradigm tribe icon 4.png
Elite Melee 1500 400 400 Can lower the ability of enemy mobile units and shorten the duration of negative effects on allies.
  • AT1 - Two-step melee attack. (Dmg: 45+65.)
  • AT2 "King's Hunt" (王の狩り, Ō no Kari?) - Three-strike consecutive melee attack that damages the opponent. (Dmg: 50+40+70; hit: 2 units.)
  • Askill "Achilles Buster" (アキレスバスター, Akiresu Basutā?) - Lowers the offense of one mobile-type enemy. (Dmg: 105; hit: 3 units; cooldown: 30s.)
  • Pskill "Antispell Aura" (アンチスペルオーラ, Anchisuperu Ōra?) - Reduces the effective time of engative effects by a quarter.
Spirit Seeker
GG2 Paradigm tribe icon 5.png
Elite Magic 1100 400 380 Absorbs nearby allied capture units to fire a long-distance, dominating cannon. Can also summon minions.
  • Askill1 "It's Your Turn" (出番だぜ, Debanda ze?) - Summons a mobile minion. (Max: 4; cooldown: 7s.)
  • Askill2 "Capture Unit Catapult" (キャプチャーカタパルト, Kyapuchā Kataparuto?) - Enhances one allied capture unit. When there are no enemies nearby, launches an attack from a distance to the nearest ghost. (Dmg: 100; cooldown: ~15s.)
GG2 Paradigm tribe icon 6.png
Elite Armor 2200 400 480 Has high offense even among elite soldiers. When its life is low, it eats Geroppa or Bower (both) for energy.
  • AT1 - Melee attack. Performs a sweeping melee attack that hits several enemies. (Dmg: 80; hit: 5 units.)
  • AT2 "Acid Breath" (アシッドブレス, Ashiddo Buresu?) - Performs an extremely powerful wide-range attack. (Dmg: 24 x n.)
  • Askill "Devour" (補食, Hoshoku?) - When its health goes under a certain amount, it eats a nearby Geroppa, Bower, or Bower Jr. After it feeds, it increases its attack and speed, and regains some health. (Heal: ~20%; cooldown: 30s.)
  • Pskill "Smelly Aura" (臭気オーラ, Shūki Ōra?) - Lowers nearby enemy's attack powers.
Dual Horn
GG2 Paradigm tribe icon 7.png
Elite Magic 920 400 340 Excels in support skills like petrifying foes or lowering their defense. Can also restore life.
  • AT1 - Special shot. Reduces the defense of an enemy. Especially effective on armored units. (Dmg: 50 x 2; hit: 2 units; duration: 15s (masters), 20s (servants).)
  • NCskill "Gorgon's Stare" (ゴルゴンの眼差し, Gorugon no Manazashi?) - Special magic that shoots a projectile that renders its target immobile for a limited time. (Duration: 2s (masters), 8s (servants); cooldown: 15s.)
  • PCskill "Plateau Breeze" (高原の風, Kōgen no Kaze?) - Recovers life for allies. (Heal: 150 max; cooldown: 10s.)


Name Class HP Unlock Summon Info
Gate Gunner
GG2 Paradigm tribe icon 8.png
Ranged 250 -- 120 Ranged soldier that is stationary. It can enhance one ally's offensive ability.
  • AT1 - Normal shot. (Dmg: 60.)
  • PCskill "Blessing Cannon" (祝福砲, Shukufuku-hō?) - Enhances an ally's offensive ability for a limted time. (Cooldown: 15s.)
Bower Jr.
GG2 Paradigm tribe icon 9.png
Elite Mobile 310 -- -- Minion summoned by Spirit Seeker. Can knock out enemies behind it. Needs to team-up to be effective.
  • AT1 - Melee attack. (Dmg: 35.)
  • AT2 "Sandblast" (砂かけ, Sunakake?) - Attacks an enemy behind it. Has a high change of knocking them out. (Dmg: 25.)
GG2 Paradigm tribe icon 10.png
Elite Magic 1500 -- -- Minion summoned by Paradigm's Overdrive. Can create a shield at the expense of its master's lfe.
  • AT1 - Charging attack. Damages many enemies. (Dmg: .)
  • PCskill "Compensation Shield" (対価の盾, Taika no Tate?) - If Paradigm is nearby, it consumes his life to rebuild lost barriers. (Dmg: .)
  • Pskill "Purification Drizzle" (浄化の霧雨, Jōka no Kirisame?) - Scatters projectiles while it does its normal moves. (Dmg: .)


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