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I'm not saying "don't" make me happy, just don't come closer to me!
― Dizzy to Ky Kiske[src]

Dizzy is one of the main characters of the Guilty Gear series. A modest and peaceable command-type half-Gear, Dizzy is the daughter of Justice, who once waged war on all of humanity, but grew up unaware of her origins. The names of Dizzy's shapeshifting wings, also called her guardians, are Necro and Undine.


Most notable in Dizzy are her "systems" or guardians—her dark green right wing, Necro, and her white left wing, Undine, and her black, salamander-like tail. Usually taking the form of mere differently-colored wings, they can transform into a humanoid shape joined at the hips with Dizzy's back. They take the form of a grim reaper and a water spirit, respectively, and can cover Dizzy partially or entirely.

Dizzy has three main attires. Her black dress in Guilty Gear X has a long skirt that reaches up to the ankle, low laced off-shoulder neckline and fitter sleeves. Her usual outfit, the one she wears during battle, is a tight, provocative suit, with two belts crossed over barely covering her chest area with her midriff exposed, and white, puffy sleeves cover her arms. In Revelator, a buttoned shirt-like panel is added for a more conservative look, and feather-like plates replace the puffy sleeves. Her third outfit is her Jellyfish Pirates uniform that includes a short sailor top and jeans shorts. Her boots are the same.

Her dark blue hair is very long, reaching down to her knees, and her eyes are red like other Gears. Dizzy is fond of yellow ribbons, as she has two on her ponytails and one on her tail.


As a half-Gear, despite her chronological age, Dizzy has matured at a rapid rate. Given her kind's superior ability to absorb and process information, by the age of three, she is essentially equivalent to an adult human,[7] mentally older than a 20-year-old.[5] Gentle and kind towards those she encounters, Dizzy has a motherly demeanor[11] coupled with an honest heart and a pure mind.[7]

She loves nature and humanity, and strongly opposes all conflict,[7] and is very polite. Her immense power and her lack of control over her guardians—who have a will of their own, Necro being a personification of her violent instinct,[12] while Undine seemingly represents her sense of self-preservation[13]—only causes her grief, as she sees it as a curse, fearing to hurt others.[11][14] Yet, while she resists violence when she can, Dizzy isn't necessarily a pacifist, as she understands destruction is simply part of the cycle of life.[7]

Due to her persecution by humans, Dizzy initially distrusts them[7] and isolates herself, but this only causes her more sadness, as she longs for human contact. Before she met Testament, Dizzy's solitude was such that her only wish (if she had one) would be to have a friend, someone who would accept her even as she was.[11] As a result, Dizzy places a lot of importance in her found family and friends—enough to fiercely fight to protect them.



The details of Dizzy's birth are unclear, only that her mother is Justice[8] and that she was born in 2177[note 1] while Justice was still sealed.[note 2] In any case, Dizzy was found as an infant and raised by an elderly, childless couple.[11] After six months, the other villagers became afraid due to Dizzy's accelerated growth, and even more so after she grew wings and a tail.[15] As it became clear she was at least part Gear,[7] the village believed her to be a "monster" and tried to dispose of her.[11]

To protect her, the couple hid Dizzy away in the Forest of Demons.[7] At first they would visit her, but they gradually became distant and never came back, and Dizzy got used to living alone. One day, she befriended Josephine, a blind girl who thought Dizzy to be an angel. Dizzy let her visit all she wanted, but told her not to bring strangers.[11]

Sometime in 2181,[16] though, Josephine and "Kliff" entered the woods as they ran away from Venom, who wanted to kidnap Josephine in order to lure Faust out. After Josephine got hurt, Dizzy and Kliff took her to Faust's clinic, and Kliff revealed to Dizzy their real name, Testament, and that they, too, were a Gear. Faust successfully treated Josephine and finally cured her blindness, but she noticed Dizzy's tail. Aware of Dizzy's return, the villagers burned Faust's clinic in an attempt to kill her, and Necro and Undine retaliated despite Dizzy's pleas. Testament thus vowed to protect Dizzy and subdued her. No one was seriously hurt, but Josephine slapped Dizzy, calling her a demon, and then told her to return to the forest. Saddened, Dizzy left accompanied by Testament before she could see Josephine's change of heart thanks to Faust's words.[11]

Guilty Gear X[]

Following the incident, around October,[note 3] the world learns of her existence,[17] and the government makes several unsuccessful attempts to eliminate her.[16] As captain of the IPF, Ky Kiske comes to the forest to investigate those responsible for the announcement.[17] Questioning his sense of justice after the last tournament,[16] Ky Kiske comes to meet her; Dizzy asks him if being prepared to protect someone means being prepared to hurt another. Ky answers that pain is intrinsic to a human world, and so he questions the value of power. Dizzy laments not having a strong heart like his, and Ky decides to fight her, showing her that there are humans who can handle her power.[14]

Ggxplus mm 03

In Jellyfish uniform.

With more men coming, he lets her go,[14] but as a result of his defeat[17] and due to anti-Gear sentiment at an all-time high, a W$ 500,000 bounty for Dizzy's death.[16] Testament fought off most of the bounty hunters, and if any managed to overcome them, they were quickly beaten back by the immense power of Dizzy herself. Constantly harassed, she wishes to leave the grove.[15]

She is finally defeated by Sol Badguy, but he spares her life. After the battle, Dizzy is then found by Johnny, who takes her under his wing. After so long alone, she finally finds a home in the Jellyfish Pirates, aboard the May Ship.[7] Jam Kuradoberi claimed credit for "destroying" Dizzy, saying she had blown her into millions of tiny pieces, which apparently was convincing;[18] the bounty thus passed away[3] and people stopped coming after Dizzy.

Guilty Gear XX[]

Some time later, Dizzy is on the deck of the May Ship when she is suddenly knocked off by I-No. She falls 20,000 feet and the impact knocks her unconscious, and Necro possesses her. She lays waste to several other characters until she is "cured" by Faust.[6]

In one path, Eddie tries to steal her body due to I-No's manipulation, but the latter is punished by That Man, who lets Dizzy return to her crew.[2] In her second path, Dizzy defeats I-No while losing consciousness as her powers take over her, but Sol intervenes and calms her down. When she wakes up, she cries over a "nostalgic" dream, which April suggests may be about her parents before they reunite with the rest of the crew.[19] In her third path, she fights Bridget, clears the misunderstanding regarding her bounty, and then asks her for directions.[3]

Ky Dizzy art

Illustration with Ky.

Not too long afterwards, Johnny takes Dizzy (plagued by two questions: "who was she? why was she was born?") to see Testament. Resonating with a replica of her mother created by Crow of the P.W.A.B., Dizzy loses control over Necro and Undine.[20] In one path, she regains control over them with Ky's intervention. Due to his kindness, Dizzy asks Ky to help her learn more about herself and to fit in. Seeing her determination, Testament lets Dizzy go, but tells her not to come back as they don't trust Ky and cannot forgive humanity, but Dizzy believes they will be able to one day.[21] In her other path, Dizzy regains control thanks to Sol, but soon after, she is captured by Crow with A.B.A's help, and Crow creates clones of her.[22]

Material Collection[]

Dizzy went to live with Ky to find her answers and to learn to control her powers, and parted amicably with the Jellyfish crew. While Ky worked during the day, Dizzy protected their home and did the house chores. Spending their days as such, it wasn't long before they fell in love. Because of the lack of official records and her concealed identity, they could not get officially married, but nevertheless Ky proposed to Dizzy and they pledged their love for each other.[23]

After a year, Dizzy got pregnant; the couple consulted with a doctor—implied to be Faust—and rejoiced, although due to her Gear blood, her pregnancy lasted much less than a human's and resulted in an egg. On May 31,[24] their son Sin was born.[23] While Ky loved Dizzy and Sin, Sin resented him; Dizzy explained that he was busy protecting the people's families, and that Ky is irreplaceable family, but it did little to improve relations.[25]

When Sin was six months old (physiologically four), Ky's inner turmoil—being unable to provide Dizzy and Sin a world where they could live openly—came to a breaking point due to his sudden appointment as puppet king of Illyria under threats to Dizzy's life.[23] Close to New Year's Eve, Dizzy called Sol and asked him to help Ky out. After a bout between the two, in order to protect their son, Dizzy and Ky entrusted Sin to Sol's care.[26]

Guilty Gear 2[]

Kokage no Kimi

Frozen in time.

As Gears mysteriously undergo sublimation[27] throughout 2185,[28] so does Dizzy sometime in 2186.[17] To keep her from completely vanishing, Ky converts the Thunderseal to settle her in a frozen state. In his desperation, he "rushes" her sealing and is unable to release her afterwards.[10]

After an attack to the capital by the Vizuel, Ky shows Dizzy's state to Sol, Dr. Paradigm and Izuna. Paradigm says she can be unsealed but that Valentine must be defeated first, only to realize that Dizzy's cells (as Justice's daughter) are the "key" to enter That Man's Cube. Paradigm says that Dizzy should be destroyed, but Ky vehemently refuses, declaring his love for her and shocking Paradigm. Valentine's forces stop coming after Dizzy due to Sin having the "key" as well.[10] After they put an end to the incident, Dr. Paradigm studies Dizzy's seal to make sure she is not danger of sublimation should she be released.[29]

Guilty Gear Xrd[]


Ray overload.

In 2187, with Dizzy's safety confirmed, Paradigm releases her from the Thunderseal's hold just in time for a new battle in Illyria on November 4: they must stop the Conclave from resurrecting Justice. Dizzy is finally reunited with Ky and, after two years, with Sin once they return from Zepp. She is happy to hear Sin call Ky "Dad" for the first time.[30] The reunion is cut short, as Dizzy must use her powers to overload Justice's system as St. Elmo's Fire strikes and Sol removes Chronus from the inside.[31] After the battle, Ky carries Dizzy after she passes out; unfortunately, both Elphelt Valentine and Justice are abducted by Elphelt's "Mother".[32]

The next day, on November 5, Dizzy visits a distraught Ky, who is busy inspecting the self-repairing Thunderseal. They reminisce about the day they first met, when they discussed how feasible was the idea to protect someone without hurting another. The two then spar with each other, and Dizzy wins. When Ky notes an improvement in her skills, Dizzy states that is simply because she now has a 'chair' in her heart, so that Ky can come home anytime he wants.[14]

On November 20, Dizzy participates in the battle to repel the invasion to Illyria, taking down antimatter Gears with her Gamma Ray alongisde many allies, helping Potemkin out.[33] Meanwhile, Ky, Sin and Sol must fight Ariels and rescue Elphelt while Jack-O' Valentine takes her place and merges with Justice,[34] restoring Aria Hale.

In the aftermath, Dizzy and Ky welcome Sin, Elphelt and Ramlethal into their state. They discuss how long they can stay as Ky wants to make their marriage public; Elphelt then reads a newspaper article that shows that people are praising Dizzy's involvement in the battle, even stating that she would be a perfect queen for Ky. Dizzy is moved to tears that people wrote such supportive things, despite knowledge of her Gear blood. When they settle of the matter of their complicated family tree, Dizzy decides on calling Sol "Father" from then on, much to Ky's dismay. At that moment, Sol shows up at the estate, but Ky asks Dizzy to let him talk with Sol privately first.[9]

Guilty Gear -Strive-[]

Three weeks later,[35] after the G4 Summit crisis is resolved, Dizzy and her family enjoy a moment of peace. She and Ky also introduce Testament to their son, Sin, as well as Ramlethal and Elphelt.[36]


As Justice's daughter,[8] Dizzy is well-known to have great powers[10] that have given her many advantages in battle, replacing experience with raw strength. Her power may be equal or even greater than her mother's (as Dizzy was able to replace her as Gear commander in an alternate timeline[8]), but her benevolent personality prevents her from reaching her full potential. While she initially lacked control over her powers,[11] Dizzy has gradually grown in combat experience and now exerts improved mastery over them.[14]

As a Gear, she has superhuman strength, prolonged lifespan, fast healing, and high durability—once surviving a fall of 20,000 feet from the May Ship without lasting injury.[37] From her mother, Dizzy has inherited the ability to command all other Gears[6][8] and Yokai.[38] Her Gear cells resemble her mother's,[10] being "pure" or non-replicated,[39] and she is able to use Gamma Ray, a powerful attack in which she fires a massive beam of gamma radiation, but her version is no match for Justice's, perhaps because of her personality.[40]

Dizzy has the natural ability to shapeshift her body in numerous ways: from being able to swap outfits at will, to transforming her sleeves or her tail into monstruous mouths, extending her nails into claws, and entirely transforming into a winged demon. Dizzy's "weapons" are her guardians, Necro and Undine; they can attack and defend alternately, morphing into different forms, and are able to act separately from Dizzy herself; however, they generally only attack if Dizzy is in danger.[12] Should Dizzy be knocked unconscious, they are able to take over her body to fight in her stead.[6] They seem to specialize in one attribute of magic each: Fire for Necro's attacks, and Water (in the form of ice) for Undine's.

Gameplay-wise, Dizzy favors ranged fighting. Having a fairly good defense, she can put pressure on opponents from afar, but also at close range. Her moveset revolves around her projectiles; she can juggle an opponent breaking their defenses with her ranged attacks, then rushing down with her normal moves which deal a large amount of damage. However, her Overdrive Attacks are hard to pull off, and her Gamma Ray consumes the entire Tension bar.




  • The name Dizzy most likely comes from Guns N' Roses keyboardist, Darren "Dizzy" Reed. Another possible, but improbable, source may be the Danish band Dizzy Mizz Lizzy.
  • Her Gamma Ray attack shares its name with a German power metal band.
  • Her backstory of being found as an infant and raised by an elderly couple most likely is a reference to The Tale of the Bamboo Cutter, which tells of Kaguya, a princess from the moon who is discovered as a baby inside the stalk of a glowing bamboo plant by an elderly childless couple.
  • The English manual of Guilty Gear XX gives proper name to her attacks. Two of them seem to be related to bands: Skull Crusher may be a reference to Overkill's song "Skullkrusher", while Hunger Strike is a song by Temple of the Dog.


  • Dizzy shares her birthday with Axl Low and Elphelt Valentine, characters who also allude to Guns N' Roses.
  • Dizzy is the only characters not to name her attacks. Most simply denote their purpose back when she lived in the Grove, like "This is used for fishing", or normal phrases like "So painful!". The only named moves in her arsenal are her Overdrives Attacks, most them variants of Justice's moves (which hinted at their connection before the reveal in Guilty Gear XX Drama CD Black).
  • The story of Guilty Gear X, subtitled By Your Side and centered around Dizzy's plea, is evocative of Aerosmith's 2001 single "Fly Away From Here".
  • In Overture, Dizzy is called the "Maiden of the Grove". In-universe, it is a codename Ky and Sol used to hide her name while deep in Illyria.[41] In real life, it was used to avoid copyright issues due to Sega owning the rights to all characters from Guilty Gear X and XX.[42]
  • From Guilty Gear X to Λ Core, Dizzy is the only character without an Instant Kill, though her Gamma Ray was equivalent to one.
  • On the cover and manual of Guilty Gear Dust Strikers, Dizzy's outfit is slightly altered so that her chest is completely covered by the belt straps. The two silver buttons on the belt straps have also been removed. In-game, her sprite, character portrait, and outfit retain their original look.
  • Dizzy's shirt panel in Revelator is destroyed until the end of the match if she performs Gamma Ray while low on health as a nod to her original costume.
  • A costume based on Dizzy's Xrd look appears in Soulworker, for Nabi.
  • Dizzy has made guest appearances in the following games: Queen's Gate: Spiral of Chaos, Brave Frontier, Chain Chronicle 3, Mabinogi Duel, #COMPASS, Last Period, Crusaders Quest, Star Ocean: Anamnesis, Epic Seven, Elemental Story, Code Shifter, The King of Fighters '98 Ultimate Match Online, and The King of Fighters All Star.


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  1. Her Guilty Gear X profile states that she is three years old.[15] As the game takes place around October 2181, her birth year can be deduced.
  2. It is strongly implied that Aria Hale, engaged romantically to Frederick Bulsara at the time, was pregnant before being put to cryosleep by That Man in 2016 and while undergoing Gear conversion to become Justice in 2073.
  3. Endings in X Plus and May's X profile involve Johnny's birthday, which falls on October 24.


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