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Daryl is a supporting character in the Guilty Gear series. He is the Third King of the United Kingdom of Illyria, after Ky Kiske and Leo Whitefang. Daryl governs the Eastern part of the massive Eurasian continent.


Daryl is a handsome man who has strawberry blonde hair with a long bang hanging to the right side of his face, light-blue eyes, and a mole in his left cheekbone area. He wears a dark blue shirt below white double-breasted waistcoat, as well as a white cravat and trousers.


At first glance, Daryl can be quite warm and welcoming, but he is a calculating man who values results above anything. He isn't afraid to make an objective analysis of any situation to gain the desired results, and surrounds himself with like-minded individuals. Although Daryl is at odds with his fellow kings Ky Kiske and Leo Whitefang, believing they cannot make objective decisions like he does, Daryl does respect their abilities. He is not too popular with Illyria's citizens, but few can deny his ability to govern.

Daryl proves to be unflappable when Happy Chaos threatens one of the world's leader to shoot the former's head; and very smart on being able to outsmarted Chaos into setting him and the rest of the world's leaders free, once he learn what Chaos will do after stealing the Tome of Origin for I-No. Daryl also appears to have aware of his role being more of a minor like most of them.



Guilty Gear Xrd

Daryl is first introduced in talks with Zato-1. They discuss a potential alliance, and a possible absorption of the Assassin's Guild should they participate in the upcoming war. Daryl later speaks with Ky as he made the decision without the High King's consent. He explains that sometimes Ky and Leo aren't able to make objective decisions, and that they need all the help they can get, saying he is simply doing what Ky did by allying with Ramlethal Valentine.

Tied up in Internal Affairs, Daryl prepares the 13th Fleet for the assault on Justice, revealing to Leo that he plans on blowing her to pieces with the airships' cannons if the original plan goes downhill. Leo is opposed since Sol and Ky will be in the line of fire, but Daryl calmly told Leo that he'd try his best to spare them, but he couldn't guarantee it.

While Ariels is defeated, Jack-O' Valentine is initially unable to fuse with Justice and Daryl sees the mission as a failure. Daryl has his fleet start charging their cannons. Leo calls to remove Daryl from his position, and urges Ky to sign the documents. Ky declines, saying Daryl has a point regarding his decision. He asks Daryl to teleport Sin, Ramlethal, and Elphelt to safety but to leave him behind with Sol as he powers up a second Saint Oratorio for Jack-O'. Daryl obeys, but teleports Ky away as well, against his orders and gives the order to fire. In the end, Sol and Jack-O' survive due to Axl Low's intervention, and Daryl declares that he doesn't believe Sol is a hero but the God of War, and welcomes Sol.

Pudding investigation.

In the aftermath, Daryl invites the Illyrian strategic operators and their heroes, Zappa and Randy, to celebrate. However, the first party was dashed by the loss of the main dessert, a massive pudding made by Alyssa. Days later, Daryl invites them all again. The easygoing night takes a turn for the serious as the group talks about how the pudding collapsed. Daryl accuses Randy of causing its destruction, but as more evidence is revealed, the blame shifts from person to person, eventually ending in Daryl being the accused.

Zappa starts piecing together the evidence, coming to the conclusion that Alyssa summoned a demon to make sure the pudding stayed intact but failed to extend the contract. As a result, anyone who tasted the pudding is being literally blasted into the sky as part of the demon's penalty. Due to tasting it, Daryl and everyone else—except Zappa—are blasted away.

Guilty Gear -Strive-

After I-No invades the Illyrian prison to steal something from Ariels, or rather, unseal someone who had been possessing the former Sanctus Populli, Daryl joins two fellow kings to discuss the history of I-No's criminal record and her next crime scene while in a middle of upcoming World Peace G4 Summit at Washington's White House, where the Gear Maker, Asuka R. Kreutz volunteer. Daryl insists his fellow kings to summon Sol, who had returned to bounty hunting, despite becoming the world's legendary Gear hero for this important task. Due to Ky and family cancel their voluntary to participate G4 because of I-No's next crime movements, Daryl takes over the position to volunteer the summit.

After Sol's first encounter with Happy Chaos, not long after I-No turn herself in on purpose to ensure Chaos' escape, Daryl was able to contact reformed assassins Millia Rage (now a new leader of Post-War Administration Bureau) and Zato-1 (whose guild is now a reformed espionage) to assist Leo to uncover the mystery behind the "black box" within the White House. Daryl and Sol (with the latter volunteer as an extra guest bodyguard) arrive at White House, whereas Daryl joins the meeting alongside the rest of world's leader, while Sol resting in a guest room. However, during a discussion to bring world peace, a demon-like man Happy Chaos mind controls all of the American guards and agents within the White House's area, and invaded the building. Upon witnessing Chaos brainwashes Stryper, Daryl fearlessly glare on one of the world's leader who is forced to shoot him by Chaos. However, Chaos made a scared world's leader into misses the shot and thereby saving Daryl. As U.S. President Vernon already becoming involved with Asuka and Sol, he has an access to a safe room where Asuka lock and isolate himself safely, until Sol rescues Vernon and currently trying to escape. Because Chaos mind control most of the guards and agents who are still at White House area, Goldlewis Dickinson's army are overpowered and forced to retreat to Pentagon.

Chaos reveals the White House's true nature as Tir Na Nog, thereby preventing Sol and Vernon from escaping. He also reveals Nagoriyuki, in order to dispose of Sol. Daryl questions Chaos about his identity at same time Asuka reveals to Sol and Vernon who Chaos was. In a shocking turn, Daryl, Sol, Vernon and the rest of world's leaders learn that Chaos was once Asuka's master, The Original. Trying to figure out how to escape from Chaos, Daryl pretends to be a coffee addict as he watches Chaos drinking a bitter coffee, and asks what will the fallen wizard do after stealing Asuka's tome. As he learns Chaos' true intentions, Daryl secretly places an emergency magical communicator on the bottom of a cold coffee cup. Once he learns that Chaos is planning to use the tome to grant I-No power that would threaten the entire universe, Daryl drops his facade of being coffee addict and steals one of Chaos' guns to make demands at gunpoint. Daryl offers a deal to Chaos; by releasing him and the rest of world's leaders and allowing them to escape on a rescue airship, Chaos will be able to safely wage war against Asuka, Sol and Vernon exclusively. Before leaving with the rest of world's leaders, Daryl warns Chaos about the latter's fate of being defeated by Sol. While evacuating within a rescue airship, Daryl asks one of the world leaders not to thank him, despite his efforts. While Sol and Vernon is about to meet up Asuka and fights Nagoriyuki one last time, Daryl urges the Pentagon and Illyrian bases (particularly Leo and Goldlewis) to have faith in Sol.

In the aftermath, Daryl is seen celebrating with Illyrian operators over Alyssa's success in baking a massive pudding.


  • Daryl's name could have been inspired by American musician Dimebag Darrell, considered among the most influential guitarists in heavy metal history.
  • Appearance-wise, his hairstyle resembles that of Charlie Nash from the Street Fighter series. In his Strive appearance, especially, it is possible that his hair references that of Mike Score, from the band A Flock of Seagulls.


  • He dislikes coffee.
  • Daryl's English voice actor, Kaiji Tang, also voices Faust.