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Bridget is a recurring playable character in since Guilty Gear XX.



Bridget is one of the best characters playable for versatility, but is not recommended for beginners. Bridget's unique Yo Yo Extend move will allow a player to access Roger; this way, Bridget can attack from left and right by himself and with Roger. While using any move that involves Roger, timing and position of the Yo Yo are key factors; since Roger is relatively slow in movement, it can be avoided easily, being the most effective only when the opponent is positioned near the Yo Yo. Bridget's rushdown attacks are simple to pull off (one of the best in-game), including Starship, as the move can deliver a good combo even during a Roger summon, can be used in midair, and is excellent for putting pressure on opponents.

Bridget's Overdrives are hard to pull off and do large amounts of damage, but even these depend on the timing as well. Me and My Killing Machine is one of the best Overdrives that can act as an anti-air move, and can be used in almost any position of the screen (depending on the placement of the Yo Yo) and Tragedy Maintenance delivers good damage, but is largely air based.

In EX mode, Bridget loses Starship, reducing his melee fighting capability, but gains more ranged capability with the extended time Roger can be summoned, improving his flanking fighting style.



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