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Um, can you still move? Roger says that he wants to use your body... Yeah...

Bridget is a recurring character in the Guilty Gear series. Born to wealthy parents, Bridget has become a bounty hunter to refute her village's superstitions regarding twins. Wielding a yo-yo in battle, she fights alongside Roger.


Bridget has a feminine figure, fair complexion, blonde hair, and wide emerald green eyes. She sports a nun-like attire, wearing a sleeveless blue dress with white hemlines and collar, the latter fastened with a yellow ribbon. Partially covering her hair is a blue thigh-length veil with yellow crosses and white hemlines, attached to a white coif with a cross-shaped metal plate and the male symbol (♂) inscribed. She completes her outfit with black lycra shorts, an enormous metal handcuff in place of a waist belt, black fingerless gloves with white cuffs, white socks below the knee, and boots that compliment the colors of her outfit.

In her Strive appearance, Bridget now wears a roll-neck black shirt, below a basmati white long top with a black shawl collar and Empire line ribbon, along with a dark gray pleated skirt. On top of it all, she wears a large light-blue hoodie that bears a resemblance to her previous veil design, the jacket's body being blue, and its puffy sleeves white in color. On the coif-like white hemline of her hood is a golden androgyne symbol (⚨) accessory; meanwhile, golden crosses adorn the sleeves at the elbows. Small changes include her fingerless gloves now being white on the palm area, and her handcuff belt having a chain attached to it. Her boots, socks, and lycra shorts remain the same.


Gentle and easygoing, Bridget can also be a bit of an airhead. She likes having fun, but often lets things get out of hand, which can cause a lot of trouble for anyone nearby. She seems unaware of this particular flaw.[7] Given the best education her parents could afford, she is a young lady of unimpeachable propriety,[3] often being polite even against the wanted criminals who are her marks.[8][9] Bridget also likes to showcase her skills—as a bounty hunter[8] or as a yo-yo performer[10]—, likely as a result of wanting to prove her worth before her hometown.

She has a cheerful-against-all-odds personality, and is very committed to reassuring her beloved parents,[7] going so far as putting on a happy front for them.[6] Picking up the yo-yo wasn't only a hobby to occupy her time, but also to show them she was happy.[3]

In XX, thinking that it would contribute to changing her village's beliefs,[7] Bridget attempted to surreptitiously be more manly,[2] and was quick to confirm her gender as male whenever people mistook her for a girl.[11] At the same time, she almost invariably refers to herself with the pronoun (uchi?), mostly employed by females, using (boku?) privately only once, in a family context.[4] Upon accomplishing her goals of finding success as a bounty hunter and bringing wealth to her village, Bridget finds herself searching for purpose in Strive;[6] although she admits to being a boy upon being called a "li'l lady", her lack of confidence is notable, and seems uncertain about what others—even her family—may think about her choosing to live as her true self.[12]



Hailing from England, Bridget was born to a wealthy aristocrat,[2] soon after her twin brother, in a town convinced that male twins brought misfortune. The townspeople were so embedded in this superstition[6] that they insisted the younger of any set of male twins be put to death or given up for adoption. Bridget's parents were unwilling to lose one of their children, and so they chose to raise Bridget as a daughter instead of a son, hiding her sex from the public eye.[7]

As the child of multi-billionaire[6] parents, Bridget was given the best training and tutoring as a child, exactly the upbringing expected for the daughter of a high-society couple.[7] Bridget loved her parents, and so did her utmost to keep them from worrying for her, but she could see that continuing the charade—necessary as it was—filled them with guilt.[3] Yet, the harder she tried, the less effective her efforts became; they didn't believe her. She began to think[7] of leaving the village,[3] and that behaving as a man and bringing home a vast collection of riches would convince his hometown that their superstitions were unfounded.[7]

In 2181,[13] almost as if on cue, Bridget found a bounty poster for a Gear[7] that promised a W$ 500,000 bounty for her death.[14] She wasted no time in setting out,[3] leaving her parents' manor, and made her way to the Forest of Demons. To her surprise, Dizzy had already been defeated. Somewhat discouraged but not ready to give up, Bridget began to look for other bounties, in hopes that he might still find a way to resolve his problems.[7]

Guilty Gear XX

Illustration with May.

Soon after, Bridget comes across I-No, and proves she has the skills to back up her claim as a bounty hunter. I-No, looking to wreak some havoc, thus manipulates Bridget by giving her a bulletin with fake bounties, and Bridget ends up targeting Baiken, Anji Mito, Chipp Zanuff, and others.[8]

In one path, Ky Kiske reveals that the criminals Bridget collected were actually innocent, compensating her for the trouble.[15] In another, she meets May and Dizzy of the Jellyfish Pirates; upon fighting the latter, Bridget realizes that Dizzy is not a bad person, and they end up becoming friends.[16] In her third path, Johnny intervenes due to Bridget knocking out a member of his crew, but distracted by her pretty looks, he tries to seduce her until a realization mid-battle. Bridget says she is indeed a boy; Johnny, embarrassed, asks her not to tell anyone about his attempt.[11]

Despite working hard to become an accomplished bounty hunter, a lack of wanted criminals makes Bridget think she won't be able to make ends meet. On her way to visit her new friends, the Jellyfish Pirates, aboard the May Ship, Bridget contemplates a new career ("I'll become an entertainer!").[9] In one path, Bridget is convinced by Jam Kuradoberi to work as a waiter in her restaurant, and occasionally do yo-yo performances for the customers.[10] In her other path, Bridget returns to her hometown, only to find out from her uncle that her twin brother has disappeared, having left the village to look for Bridget. She thus resolves to find him.[4]

Guilty Gear -Strive-

By December 2187,[note 1] Bridget has become a famous bounty hunter, making great contributions to her parents and village,[18] which has led to the superstition of her village fading. Now bereft of a goal, Bridget remains a bounty hunter, but she is searching for a purpose,[6] currently trying to understand her true self.[18]

Sometime after the G4 Summit,[18] Goldlewis Dickinson locates Bridget and tries to add Roger to his cryptid collection, but she resists. Goldlewis backs off; when he casually calls her "li'l lady", Bridget corrects him by listessly saying she is a boy. Goldlewis deduces that she is anxious, product of hiding her true self, not having told her parents yet. Conflicted, Bridget seeks Ky—who has admirably gone public about Gears—out, and he encourages her to decide for herself how she wants to live. Her conversations with Ky and Goldlewis lead her to: in one path, think some more about her own happiness; in another, admit to being scared of losing what she has but no longer wanting to lie to herself, and asserts that she is a girl; and finally, find the strength to live as her true self no matter what others think, and Ky invites her to come visit Dizzy sometime.[12]


Despite her youth and unorthodox fighting style, Bridget is a skilled fighter who has, over the years, come to be recognized as a top-class bounty hunter, with Goldlewis Dickinson regarding her as a "tough cookie".[12] Despite her combat prowess, however, the Post-War Administration Bureau has not historically considered Bridget to be much of a threat, finding her of note only because of her familial connections—that is, her father's abundant wealth—and her search for the Commander Gear Dizzy.[1]

Skilled at attacking opponents with her trusty yo-yo from up close or far away, distance is no barrier to Bridget,[2] and can employ it during battle to execute high-level techniques with ease.[3] She can manipulate its shape and composition at will, even converting it into incendiary bombs, and using it as impromptu roller skates. Roger, her teddy bear, is able to transform into the yo-yo, can increase his size, pull out a saw from inside himself, or even ride a flaming bike known as Killmachine.[19] A ghost-like being similar to S-Ko, it can speak and move.[3]

Gameplay-wise, Bridget is a character with great, but unusual, mobility and well as very strong high/low and unblockable mixups, and is able to place lingering hitboxes that can be difficult to get through. In exchange, she suffers from low health and poor damage output. In Strive, she is classified as a Balance-type, regarded as easy to pick up and play, with high range, good mobility, and simple combos that lead into strong pressure situations.





  • In Guilty Gear XX, only two characters were shown to be able to discern her biological sex at first glance: Jam (probably due to her interest in pretty boys) and Potemkin.
  • In Disgaea 2: Cursed Memories, there is a plant monster that looks female and is named Bridget. After being hit by a party member, the gender of said monster is revealed to be male.
  • In the manga series Ai Kora, one of the main characters, Yukari Tsukino, has a picture in which she and three other friends are cosplaying as Guilty Gear characters: Yukari cosplays as Bridget, and the others as Millia, May and Baiken.
  • Bridget shares her birthday with her first voice actress, Hiroko Konishi.


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  1. The events of Strive take place "three weeks"[17] after Revelator (November 7—20).