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Baiken is a recurring playable character since the original Guilty Gear.



Baiken is known to be the series' most iconic defensive fighter, having a plethora of unique guard-cancel-specials ranging from the anti-air Zakuro/Youshijin to the side-switching Mawarikomi. It is due to the advantageous nature of her special moves opponents are forced to commit less often as well as limit their blockstring pressure from a slight distance, especially since these said special moves don't cost any meter on their own unlike a Dead Angle Attack. Baiken is also able to control the neutral game with her iconic Tatami Gaeshi technique, either as a neutral space-combo tool in the corner, or in midair, as a powerful zoning tool due to the flipped-mat falling to the ground (which can halt many forms of approach and/or act as a lockdown tool for Baiken).

Her defensive-reversal control becomes even more dangerous with the use of her Baku-series of Overdrives, which when they connect, respectively seal-off specific options of her opponent for a duration. Baiken can also use meter to cancel most of her guard cancel specials powerfully for a solid amount of combos (especially if one masters their FRC timings), especially since her aerial K is able to launch for a jump-cancel-able extender.

Baiken isn't without her weaknesses however, as her primary offensive potential is rather linear with only just a few offensive special moves on-hand compared to her array of versatile guard-cancel-specials. She is also plagued with having both one of the worst defensive modifiers and stun modifiers of the cast, meaning she normally needs to require a form of "perfect-play" lest she gets blown up due to misuse of her momentum. Despite her powerful defensive-match control, she also struggles notably vs. zoning matchups, since her tools mainly cover mid-to-close physical range, while people aware of the matchup against her may also attempt to carefully space their footsies more often.



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