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Absolute World, also called World of Absolution, is a term that refers to a momentary state in which the boundaries between the present world and the Backyard are blurred, as if they merged for a second.


In the Backyard, a space superordinate to the universe wherein Earth exists, there are two forms of informational bodies that have neither a will nor intelligence. Arguably immortal,[1] they are believed to have existed for billions of years.

After life first appeared on Earth four billion years ago, there have been five large-scale extinction events since the appearance of multicellular organisms. Over the course of history,[2] five Absolute Worlds appear to have occurred[1] resulting in the Big Five (ビッグファイブ, Biggu Faibu?), five mass extinctions experienced by creatures on Earth during the Ordovician, Devonian, Permian, Triassic, and Cretaceous Periods.[2]

Sometime in the 20th century,[3] The Original entered the Backyard and discovered the existence of these two informational bodies, and named them "Flame of Corruption" and "Scales of Juno". Then, to ensure that an Absolute World never occurs again, he sealed them into two separate "seeds"[1] or cores.[4] Sometime between 2010 and 2014,[3] The Original returned to the Backyard to stop his own creation,[1] and entrusted his fifth disciple, That Man, with the seeds.[5]

In 2016,[6] upon learning that his friend Aria Hale was terminally ill, That Man begged Aria to let herself be cryo-frozen until a cure was found.[1] However, she stubbornly refused, wanting to spend her last moments with Frederick Bulsara, rather than face a future without them.[6] In his desperation, That Man implanted the Flame of Corruption within Frederick (without his consent) to make him "indestructable", turning him into a Gear, and Aria finally agreed to cryosleep.[1] In 2073,[7] That Man transformed Aria into the basis of what would become Justice[8] and appears to have implanted Scales of Juno within the Gear commander.[9] That Man later created a failsafe version of this core and planted it inside of Jack-O' Valentine,[10] though these two versions became one when Jack-O' and Justice merged in 2187 to restore Aria Hale.[8][11]

It is implied that both Sol and Jack-O' are "half complete",[9] and that the informational bodies within the seeds have yet to be "restored".[12] As some have noted, their death would release the cores and potentially cause an Absolute World to occur.[4]


An Absolute World occurs when two forms of informational bodies—"Adam" and "Eve" for ease of reference—appear simultaneously within the Backyard. In general, both appear for a split second, and then disappear immediately, in alternating intervals. In the event that they both appear, the boundaries between the present world and the Backyard are blurred or merged, and anything that cannot withstand that state of dense informational pressure is erased. As such, it is a mass extinction event that affects the entire universe.[1]

"Adam", or the Flame of Corruption (背徳の炎, Haitoku no Honō?), and "Eve", the Scales of Juno (ユノの天秤, Yuno no Tenbin?), have neither a will nor intelligence, and can survive extinction as they are arguably immortal.[1]

According to Bedman, since the Backyard is connected to peoples' dreams, dream and reality are superimposed on each other during an Absolute World. As within his own dreams Bedman can cause certain phenomena to occur—of which only death is permanent—, he believes that he can change reality (including saving his sister and undoing all the deaths he caused) during this momentary event.[13]